BEAR Super Sour Yoyos

BEAR Yoyos have been a fairly staple feature in Amy’s packed lunch at playschool or hidden away in my bag for snack-based emergencies for quite a while now.  BEAR Yoyos are made from 100% pure fruit (and a little veg!) to create a high fibre, healthy snack. They are also free from added sugar, preservatives or concentrates, meaning your little one can munch on a portion of their 5 a day with no added nonsense.

And the best bit?  BEAR have expanded their range to introduce new BEAR Yoyos Sours!

Introducing BEAR Yoyos Sours

The new BEAR Yoyos Sours are available in three flavours – strawberry and apple, mango and apple, and blackcurrant and apple.  The impressively sour twist is given with just natural squeeze of zingy lemon juice!

BEAR Yoyos Sours with natural lemon juice

To celebrate the launch of the new BEAR Yoyos Sours we were sent an exciting game of “roulette” to set up with a mixture of the original flavoured Yoyos and the new Super Sour Yoyos.  I set the game out, alternating the snacks around the board before inviting the kids to come and have a taste!

BEAR Yoyos Sours roulette

BEAR Yoyos Sours roulette game

Playing snack roulette with BEAR Yoyos Sours

Before we played the game I didn’t tell the kids that there was anything different about the BEAR Yoyos as I wanted to maintain the element of surprise when they got a sour one!  Amy isn’t all that keen on sour food as a rule but Ben loves it so I was really interested to see how they would all react!

Tasting BEAR Yoyos Sours

Is it sour or original? BEAR Yoyos Sours

Trying BEAR Yoyos Sours

I honestly can’t believe just how tongue-tinglingly sour the new Yoyos are just from the addition of lemon juice – if your children like sour foods then these are sure to be a big hit!

That was a sour one! Introducing BEAR Yoyos Sours

Don’t forget that BEAR Yoyos still come with super secret spy cards and your cubs can collect 10 bear codes from packs of BEAR Yoyos & BEAR Yoyos Sours to send to The Cave and receive a free Spy Kit!

Both the new BEAR Yoyos Sours and orginal Yoyos are available  in all UK supermarkets.  To find out more visit: and follow @Follow_The_Bear

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  1. July 26, 2017 / 12:26 pm

    I hate sour. Even a hint of it feels like it’ll shred my insides 😀 The kids love it though and I do like Bear snacks because they’re pure fruit/veg – I wish they were a bit cheaper though. Definite treat here.

  2. Claire
    July 27, 2017 / 11:00 pm

    Omg haha they are so cute! This looks fun, love anything bear related 🙂

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