Bioskin Junior Range – Review

I’ve mentioned before that Ben and I both suffer from eczema.  My eczema started towards the end of primary school and is a specific type of eczema confined to my hands and feet – it was at its worst in my early twenties but has been very well controlled since then.  Ben’s eczema started before his first birthday and he was quickly under the care of a dermatologist.  After a few visits we had found a combination of treatments which work and his eczema is mostly well managed now too.

Anyone who suffers eczema is likely to have been through a whole array of lotions and potions – many of which are thick and greasy.  One of the things I love most about the current moisturiser I use for Ben is that it is easy to apply and sinks in quickly so it’s comfortable for him.

It’s not often that I will try new things on his skin, as I say we have it relatively well controlled it seems foolish to rock the boat and risk a flare up however when I was contacted to see if we would try some of the Bioskin Junior range I had a read on the website and thought we’d give it a go.

I decided to try out the Daily Nourishing Spray and the Shampoo . . .

Bioskin Junior Daily Nourishing Spray 

I love the idea of a spray – in fairness to Ben he’s pretty good at having his cream on and has been from a very young age.  There was a short time where it was a two person job however he quickly seemed to realise that it felt better once we’d done it and he might as well just stand still so it was over and done with.  He is in fact so good now that he is quite happy to put it on himself much of the time.  Anyway – the spray seemed ideal for getting the job done quickly, particularly if your little one isn’t so keen on having their cream applied.  I have always found cold creams to be soothing on sore and itchy skin but I know Ben used to scream about it being cold when he was little so the spray scores points on that front.  Having had a quick spray on my own skin I was surprised at how well it spread and how moisturised my skin felt.  Reading the description on the website I was really impressed to read that Bioskin Junior Daily Nourishing Spray doesn’t just protect skin by creating an artificial barrier like most traditional creams, in fact it nourishes the skin in such a way as to help it repair itself.  Ben was quite happy with the spray – he said it felt nice and we talked about how it had spread on his skin.  I think it smells quite medicinal and wasn’t all that keen but Ben said he quite liked the smell and as we’re applying it to his skin I think his opinion counts more than mine!  He sprayed it right onto some very sore patches and didn’t complain of any stinging which can often be caused by moisturising broken skin!  All round I would say it was a major win and he was really happy with it.

Bioskin Daily Spray

Bioskin Junior Shampoo 
When Ben’s skin was really bad we didn’t really wash his hair much as we didn’t want the shampoo to be a further irritant to his already delicate and upset skin.  With my own eczema being specific to my hands and feet I know all too well the difficulties of washing my hair during a flare up – so much so that I often used to ask Dave to wash my hair for me to avoid having to put shampoo on my own fragile, damaged skin.  I’ve even been known to wash my hands wearing gloves.  The idea of a shampoo specially formulated for eczema sufferers is a great idea.  Ben was happy to try his new shampoo – I was really impressed with how much it lathered up and I liked the smell (Ben said he thought it smelt of food?! Strange boy)  It rinsed off easily and he said it didn’t sting his eyes at all.  I will be using this on all three children now as I think it will be really helpful for Chloe who still suffers from a bit of cradle cap.

Bioskin shampoo

We’re really impressed with the Bioskin Junior range and would happily recommend it to other little ones suffering with eczema.

*Disclaimer – We were provided with these products free of charge for the purposes of review however all thoughts and opinions are my own – and Ben’s!*

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