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Chloe’s new bedroom is at the front of the house which means that. at this time of year, the sun is absolutely glaring in through her window at bedtime.  Marvellous.
She currently has a pair of red, lined curtains from Next which were fine when they were up in the back bedroom however in the new front bedroom they really don’t cut the mustard.  Once her curtains are shut her bedroom just glows up bright red – of course this isn’t conducive to getting a good night’s sleep!  In fairness to Chloe she has never once complained but good quality blackout blind was pretty high up on my shopping list.
I spent quite a while looking at different blinds but eventually settled on the Luna Ivory Roller Blind.  I decided the simple style and colour choice would be subtle and allow for any future decor changes.  Following the clear measurement instructions on the website we measured up for a blind to fit within the window recess.  It’s really very simple to place your order and the prices are worked out automatically as you go along.
When the blind arrived it took Dave all of about ten minutes to fit – he basically just had to screw the brackets to the window frame and then fitted the blind into them.  (The instructions stated to screw the blind into the ceiling or the wall however having been there when the room was built Dave knew these were just plasterboard so felt it would be more secure fastened to the window frame itself)
I had been concerned about the safety aspect of having blinds up in Chloe’s room but this blind comes down with a simple pull in the middle (which in fairness I think is unnecessary as I could reach and pull the blind down easily).

I was thrilled with how unobtrusive the blind is.  The blackout fabric seems to be really effective and the only light comes in down the sides of the blind.  I imagine this could be avoided if you bought a blind to fit outside the window.  Although the blind fails to block out all light the difference it makes to Chloe’s bedroom is immense and I’m thrilled with it.  Next on the list is a pair of blinds for our own room which is also at the front of the house!

* Disclaimer – We were sent the blind free of charge for the purposes of review however all thoughts and opinions remain our own*

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