Boon Weaning equipment – review

Amy is a couple of months into her weaning journey now and is coming on in leaps and bounds.  She is considerably more interested in food all of a sudden which is making meal times much easier and more fun! 

We’ve been trying out a range of Boon feeding items:

Boon – Swap feeding spoons

When I first wrote about these feeding spoons a while ago I wasn’t keen on the idea of the metal end but actually I now find we tend to prefer it.  I can’t say why but I often find myself using that end rather than the softer end.  The spoons are shaped to sit comfortably in your hand and each tip is a lovely size for tiny mouths.  They are ideal for feeding baby their very first tastes.  They are expensive though at around £10 for 2 and I’m not sure I could ever really justify £5 on a baby spoon no matter how lovely!

boon swap feeding spoons

Boon – Squirt

This baby food dispensing spoon is a bit of an odd one.  I can see the point of it but it just really doesn’t work for us.  In principle the idea of putting the pureed food into the bulb means you’re not messing about with a bowl, nothing is going to get dropped or split.  It means you can feed baby with one hand – which is ideal if you’re trying to feed baby sat on your knee while you’re out and about.  In practice because the food is squeezed onto the spoon it fills up from the back rather than the front which means it needs quite a lot of food squeezing onto it to get the food to the tip of the spoon (I hope that makes sense?)  I also find the Squirt to be quite big and cumbersome. 

Squirt has a protective cover which fits over the spoon and means that the food is sealed in and the spoon is kept clean so its great for use on the move

Boon – Catch Bowl

Amy doesn’t really eat from a bowl yet – I either put bits of food on her tray or spoon feed her.  I’m not ready for the mess that comes with a baby banging their hands in their spaghetti bolognese . . . however the suction cup bottom on this bowl is pretty immense – I wasn’t really surprised that Amy couldn’t get it off, she’s barely 8 months however Ben at almost 5 really struggled.  I’m not saying he couldn’t get it off but it took him some effort!  I was pretty impressed with that in all honesty. It’s far better than any other suction type bowl I’ve used in the past.

I love the idea of the flexible food catcher to minimise spills – I think Chloe should be using this bowl actually! 

The last picture makes me howl – “what do you mean it won’t come off Mummy?”

Disclaimer – We were sent these items free of charge for the purpose of review however all thoughts and opinions are my own*

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  1. July 16, 2014 / 8:23 pm

    We love Boon! Great products. It looks like Any loves them too x

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