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As parents I think we all get a bit obsessed with sleep – how much we’re getting, how much we’re not getting, how we can get more . . . and linked to that of course, how much sleep are the kids getting?!

I remember being really super nervous buying Ben’s first cotbed mattress.  I was aware of the risks of SIDS / Cot Death and wanted to make sure he was as safe as possible.  We were also concerned about the mattress being appropriately supportive for his little back.  We spent ages choosing the right mattress in Mothercare and went on to buy exactly the same one for each of the girls when their turn came around.

Fast forward a couple of years to buying mattresses for the bunk beds and our concerns were quite different. this time we were buying two mattresses at once so cost was a big factor.  We were also conscious of not wanting to spend a load of money on a mattress only for one of them to be sick on it or for it to get ruined with night time accidents.  We decided that we’d just buy cheap ones initially and then invest in something better later on.  Neither child has ever complained that their bed is uncomfortable but I know from lying down on Ben’s bed with him, that I wouldn’t have wanted to sleep on it!  (I’m sure in part that’s due to me being considerably heavier than him!)

A month or so ago, Ben was sent a new Bruno mattress.  Bruno have only recently launched their mattress in the UK market so it wasn’t a brand I had heard of before.

Each Bruno mattress is assembled and vacuum packed in Saxony before being delivered direct to the customer’s door.  I must admit that when the box arrived I did wonder how on earth it could possibly contain a single mattress of any substance!

Once you’ve managed to get the mattress upstairs (a job for Dave!) it’s a fairly simple task to get it out and onto the bed.  Bruno suggest that you lay the mattress down on the bed to unpack it as basically once you’ve cut open the plastic packaging, it will start to unfold itself as it steadily fills up with air.  Very quickly you find yourself with a surprisingly deep mattress.  It’s important to leave the Bruno mattress to settle for a little while so that it can fully recover from being vacuum packed.  Just a few hours before bedtime seemed to do the trick.

Ben was really excited about his new mattress and was keen to get an early night – something which never happens!  Lying down on it together I knew instantly that his new Bruno mattress was in an entirely different league to the cheap put-me-on we had bought four years ago.  For a start, there’s no lumps and bumps!

Bruno Mattress

The Bruno mattress features 7-Zone Support, which means the mattress is ergonomically designed to promote healthier spinal alignment with pressure relieving support no matter what your sleeping position – which is just as well as I find Ben in all manner of strange positions of a night!  As someone who has really issues with their back and hips in bed, this sounds like absolute bliss and I started to feel quite envious of Ben’s new luxurious sleeping arrangements!

The naturally hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial latex top, whilst creating a breathable sleeping surface and promoting even weight distribution, is also ideal of us as a family with a tendency towards asthma and irritated skin between us.

Of course the removable quilted cover top is particularly appealing to me as a mum of small children.  Accidents happen.  At some point someone will be sick or wee on the mattress.  It’s a given.  We do use a mattress protector on each of the children’s mattresses but knowing that I can just unzip the super soft top layer of the mattress and bung it in the wash does just give that extra peace of mind.

Ben sleeping on Bruno Mattress

The proof of the pudding they say is in the eating, in this case though it’s all about quality of sleep isn’t it?  Well Ben loves his new Bruno mattress.  He says it’s really comfortable and I must admit from my own brief experiences of it I have to agree.  Over the last week or so we’ve had my Dad staying with us to work on the house and rather than have him sleep on the sofa as he has done in the past, we put Ben in with Chlo (as she has the bunk beds) and Dad has slept in Ben’s bed.  Until now I would have said the sofa was probably more comfortable for him but the new Bruno mattress meant I was quite happy that he’d sleep well.  Dad is used to a very expensive memory foam mattress and as a result I think he finds sleeping anywhere different a bit of a struggle at times.  He said that Ben’s new Bruno mattress is very firm, probably firmer than he would like, however it didn’t stop him from sleeping and that in fact he has slept really well.  So, if Dad says it’s ok – it must be pretty good!

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