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As you probably know if you’ve been reading for a little while, each of my three babies was breastfeed for between 8 and 11 months.  Alongside their breast milk “from source” they were sometimes given expressed breast milk or formula by Daddy to allow for flexibility (though not so much Amy who wasn’t at all keen on the idea of flexibility when it came to her boob juice) and later during weaning their diet was supplemented with formula.

Because they were almost entirely breastfeed we never had full tins of formula on the go in the early days, we wouldn’t have got through the full tin in the four weeks you’re allowed to have it open.  To start with we would use those pre-made cartons.  Of course they’re more expensive but if you’re only using a few it works out better.  And they’re just so convenient – no measuring or counting required.  Just pour and go.  That said, you do still need to have a sterilised bottle to pour them into.

This is where the genius of the Chillipeeps 3in1 Teat and Spout comes in.  As the saying goes, “necessity is the mother of all invention” and when Claire found herself stuck with a carton of ready-made formula and no sterilised bottle, she realised that there was a real gap in the market for something which could directly attach to the carton.  I remember the first time I saw these at The Baby Show and just thought wow, the simplest ideas really are the best.  Unfortunately I was past the point of needing to use them myself!

The multi-award winning Chillipeeps 3in1 adapter comes with it’s own funky carry pod and attaches to all ready-made formula cartons as well as some ranges of ready-made formula bottles and certain brands of water.  What an absolute lifesaver this product could be when you’ve found yourself caught short.  What’s more, it can be sterilised and reused.

In conjunction with Chillipeeps I’m able to offer you a special 20% discount code (ADVENTURE) to use at and also have a Chillipeeps 3 in 1 Teat and Spout set to give away to one lucky winner.  Just complete as many of the Rafflecopter options as you would like – ensuring this is done accurately to avoid disqualification.

20 thoughts on “Chillipeeps 3in1 Teat and Spout – Giveaway

  1. Family life can be hectic (busy). That's why facilities can make a difference. Places like Ikea restaurants etc can assist in allowing us to manage everyday life, unforeseen circumstances etc. Such as delays due to traffic, transport etc.

    Maybe there is a need to set standards for facilities catering for families etc. Awards given for excellent service/s in order to encourage a supportive structure within our communities.

    Rachel Craig

  2. Oh this happens far too often! 😉 I was caught short in the library just the other day. Do you realise how embarrasing it is to ask a librarian out loud if she'll let me into the toilet…when it's in an ultra quiet reading room and when I didn't have 10p on me for the door? When I've got my two year old with me it's free access (for kids) – see, having children is worth it…he..he! x

  3. Actually this week, we took our bunny for a short visit to the vet, it was only going to take a half hour so we thought we would be ok with out the change bag, there was an emergancy at the vet and we were out for a couple of hours, within 20 mins our boy wanted changing and a feed and screamed the place down, never going out without it again x

  4. My baby decided to give me a lovley nappy last week while we were out only to realise my son had took the wipes out in the car and left then there. Wasnt pleasent ???

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