Confident Kids 24/7 Campaign with DryNites

You may already know that I’m working with DryNites and therefore supporting them in the Confident Kids 24/7 campaign whereby the main focus is to boost the children’s self confidence, not just at bedtimes but all the time, indeed 24/7. 

DryNites Confident Kids 24/campaign aims to provide parents with helpful tools and advice to boost their child’s confidence and overcome challenges such as bedwetting.  It is important that your child feels confident to help them overcome the bedwetting phase.  DryNites pyjama pants offer discreet, age-appropriate protection for your child to help them feel as grown-up at night as they do during the day. 

Joining the DryNites team on this campaign is celebrity mum Denise Van Outen who is keen to encourage parents to inspire confidence in their children.  Working with Denise is Naomi Richards, the UK’s number one kids’ coach. 

The Confident Kids 24/7 Campaign really makes sense to me.  I think it’s fairly obvious that children who are feeling confident within themselves will be better able to cope with night time accidents and as such I think this is a big factor in why, at 6, Ben really isn’t that bothered that he isn’t yet dry at night. Naomi explains that whilst children can progress quickly in their learning and confidence during the day, “we often forget that it’s important to boost their self-esteem at night too.”

Together with the UK’s number one kids’ coach Naomi Richards, Denise is sharing a number of tips for building confidence:

Tips for inspiring confidence in the day
* Focus on your child’s daytime routine, not on what happened at night
* Get them to understand that they have little control over how their body is working whilst they are asleep
* Emphasise how well they are doing in other areas of their life and highlight how grown up they are becoming
* Ask your child for their opinion or advice on something so they feel like they are being considered

Tips for inspiring confidence at night
* Parents should encourage their child to enjoy bedtime with questions such as ‘what story would you like to read’ or ‘what bath toy would you like to play with’. This allows your child to make decisions for themselves which can make them feel empowered
* Instead of reading your child a story, why not ask them to read to you? This is a great way of them showing off the skills they have learned at school
* Parents should use bedtime to talk to their child about their day and discuss with them any worries they might have
* Many children are afraid of the dark, so ensure there is easy access and lighting to the toilet at night
* Encourage your child to put their pyjamas and DryNites® pyjama pants in their own storage bag. Each night you can ask them to take out their bed clothes and get dressed themselves

Bedwetting affects almost 600,000 children every year. DryNites® are designed for older children who have not yet managed to stay dry throughout the night. For more information visit

*This is a collaborative post with DryNites*


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