Could a Chreegal be your Dream Pet?

The guys at Petplan challenged Ben to create his dream pet and, as luck would have it, he had literally been writing a non-chronological report about a made-up creature in his English lessons that week so it made perfect sense for him to put pencil to paper and draw his ‘chreegal’.  Once Ben had created his dream pet, the image was scanned and then custom made for him.  I literally can’t believe how amazing it is – the attention to detail is incredible and it looks exactly like his drawing!  As you can imagine he is absolutely thrilled with this new pet.

This is a chreegal . . .

Pet Plan Dream Pet - Ben's Chreegal

My Dream Pet / Pet Plan - Ben's chreegal

The Chreegal is native to the African Savanna and is part eagle, part cheetah and part rabbit . . .

They are exceptionally rare with only 150 living in the wild – this is due to them being hunted for their beaks which are the sharpest objects known to humans.  They are easily tamed and make good pets.  It’s worth bearing in mind that whilst your chreegal will be happy to live indoors, it does need ready access to large, open outdoor spaces to stretch its wings and tree roots for burrowing.  In terms of creating a living space for your chreegal, they will need some toys to play with and their own cushion on a high up shelf however they are quite active, playful creatures so they spend little time asleep.  Chreegals are carnivores preferring to scavenge fresh meat however they are able to survive on some vegetables thanks to their rabbit genes.  Tame chreegals need four small meals a day and their diet should include chicken, beef and carrots.

Monthly visits to the vet are required as chreegals aren’t great a fighting off germs and diseases.

Of course, pet insurance is an important part of being a responsible pet owner.  Whilst I’m not sure that pet insurance from Petplan would cover a chreegal, it’s certainly worth checking out for your own furry friends! Particularly as they are one of the few pet insurance providers who offer genuine “lifetime” policies.

*This post is in collaboration with Petplan, however all thoughts and opinions are my own (or Bens!)*


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