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I think every baby suffers from sticky eyes at some point.  Poor Amy does seem to be particularly sticky eyed at the moment, mostly her right her and it’s often watering.  Sometimes you can see a little film across her eye ball but her eyes are cleaning themselves up and pushing this yuck out to the sides – which is what makes them all snotty looking. Poor love.

sticky eye example - Dentinox Eye Wipes
This is what Amy’s eyes tend to look like on a daily basis!

Whilst it’s not really something to especially worry about it doesn’t look nice and I’m sure it’s not that comfortable for her.  I remember being told at some point with one of the other two to clean their eyes with a bit of breast milk . . . I found that a bit odd personally and couldn’t bring myself to do it.  I’ve always just used cooled, boiled water and cotton wool.  It’s a bit of a faff waiting for the water to cool down and can get messy with dripping water and lots of bits of cotton wool.  Dentinox Eye Wipes are so much easier to use.

When we’ve used cotton wool and water to clean Amy’s eyes before she hasn’t been particularly impressed – it has been a two person job (one to wipe and one to hold her head still) which has usually end up in tears. Using Dentinox Eye Wipes was so easy!  She was sat in her bouncy chair quite happily this morning so I thought I’d just give it a go – she didn’t even flinch, she was more than happy for me to wipe her eye clean.  The wipes are soft and just damp enough to do the job without dripping down her little face, they aren’t too thick either so you feel more in control of what you are doing.  They are a good size so you can fold them over and use them to wipe again – you must, of course, use a new wipe on the other eye as you don’t want to risk any cross contamination.  It’s good to know that the wipes are completely sterile as they are individually wrapped in a sealed packet – which means they’re also great for popping in your changing bag in case your little one’s eyes need cleaning up while you’re out and about.  I felt so much happier cleaning her eyes with the wipes than I have done with cotton wool.

Before using the Dentinox Eye Wipes
How to use Dentinox Eye Wipes
(I know it looks like I’m poking her in the eye but I promise I wasn’t!)
Fresh eyes thanks to Dentinox Eye Wipes
Over time Amy will grow out of her sticky eyes but in the meantime I’m definitely going to stick to using Dentinox Eye Wipes instead of messing about with cotton wool and water!

*We were sent the Dentinox Eye Wipes free of charge for the purposes of review and I have been compensated for my time as part of a project with Britmums however all thoughts and opinions are my own* 

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20 thoughts on “Dentinox Eye Wipes – Review

    1. These seem like a practical, sensible form of eye care. The fact that the wipes are individually wrapped ensures:- They are kept clean within the package, as package sealed. Yet when opened they are ready prepared as per manufacturing, for intended use.

      Handy for when out and about, and should be easily disposed of :- into neaby bin I would expect. With Mum / Dad / Carer having washed and dried their hands appropriately before and after providing eye care.

      Rachel Craig

  1. These sound like a good idea, when my son had a sticky eye I used warm boiled water and a cotton wool ball too and like you said it makes a wet mess everywhere!

    kirstyjfox [at] yahoo [dot] com

  2. I am definitely going to get some wipes – I always use cotton wool and water but it takes time to leave boiled water to cool and it's not practical when you're out. Thank you for this positive review 🙂

  3. what a great idea! My little girl gets sticky eyes sometimes and has had an eye infection. I will certainly keep an eye out for these when I am next shopping! x

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