E.ON Go Online tariff – What could you save?

This post was sponsored by E.ON, to help advertise their wide range of tariffs. Although I was paid for this advertisement, all views are my own.

Our energy bill is a fairly significant expense each month.  At the moment we pay £115 a month by Direct Debit for our gas and electric to run our four bed, two bathroom semi-detached property.  This has been a fairly steady outgoing for quite a while now, we go through fits and starts of trying to be more economical but I think realistically we’re running our house within it’s comfort zone.  We turn things off where we can, we use energy saving light-bulbs (even thought I hate them) and we always make sure the washing machine takes a proper load.

With this in mind, the easiest and most effective way for us to save money on our gas and electric bill is to shop around and change supplier.  This is something I’ve always been pretty hot on and we’ve changed quite a few times over the years but I must admit I’ve become lazy.  The last few times I’ve checked the savings seemed to be minimal so I’ve not bothered, sticking to our fixed tariff and knowing that whilst we might be paying slightly more, at least we’re shielded from any huge price hikes in the near future.

Compared to the Ofgem national average, switching to the E.ON Go Online tariff could save you up to £200 a year.  Just imagine what you could do with a bonus £200 in your pocket!

E.ON asked me to get quote on their site to see just how much I could save it I switched to the E.ON Go Online tariff.  Switching to the E.ON Go Online tariff would save me around £8 a month which doesn’t sound all that much until you add it up and realise it’s a saving of almost £100 a year – that’s a couple of fancy coffees a month, an extra cut & colour a year or a night away with my husband – just for switching energy supplier!

It’s worth pointing out that changing energy suppliers is a far easier job than you might expect – it takes little more than a few clicks and about ten minutes of your time.  You won’t notice any interruption to your service, just who the bill comes from.  Far less complex than changing your TV or broadband provider that’s for sure and even if you only save £22 a year like Jen – as she rightly points out, it’d still get you a fish & chip supper!  You can see how other bloggers would spend their savings (and indeed how much those savings would be) here.

What would you do with the money you saved?


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