The Easter Bunny {Ordinary Moments}

Aunt Nic has been very good friends with the Easter Bunny for many years now which means that we are all very spoiled with Hotel Chocolat goodies.

Traditionally we spend Easter weekend in York but this year we are away working.  Luckily the Easter Bunny had heard Ben, Chloe and Amy chatting to Aunty Nic about this and made alternative plans to visit a little early this year.

We found a letter from the Easter Bunny in the garden at Granny & Grandad’s explaining that he had hidden some treats around the garden and that whilst it was ok to eat some of them, the big treats needed to be saved for Easter Sunday.

You can imagine the excitement . . .

Granny & Grandad’s garden is huge and perfect for hunting out chocolate treats!  I’m sure that all three children will have fond memories of tearing around this enormous space when they are all grown up.

Happy Easter loves!  Hope there’s lots of chocolate!

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The Ordinary Moments

5 thoughts on “The Easter Bunny {Ordinary Moments}

  1. I didn’t even think about Easter when we booked our break away either. I am so glad your lovelies still got their Easter egg hunt – they are the cutest – Amy’s little face!! x

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