Eurocamp Avant holiday home – Review

We stayed with Eurocamp free of charge. This post contains affiliate links.

This May half term we took a 2000 mile road trip to the South of France to stay with Eurocamp. We stayed in a 3 bedroom, 1 bathroom Avant mobile home at Les Sablons near Beziers in the Languedoc-Roussillon Region.

First impressions of the Eurocamp Avant

Our first impressions of the Eurocamp Avant were great – it felt bright, spacious and modern – and after the long drive, the air conditioning was a joy! We were confident that our holiday home would offer us everything we needed to be able to enjoy our holiday in the South of France.

Eurocamp Avant at Les Sablons - this is a three bedroom, one bathroom holiday home with a large deck area

Parking was a bit of a squeeze!

At Les Sablons, the Eurocamp mobile homes are set out in a little “streets” – so each of the mobile homes is facing another, with a small space between the one next door to park your car. We have quite a big car and did struggle to get it into our assigned space; as you can see from the picture, it did fit but it was tight so we were relieved when our Eurocamp rep said it was fine to park further down near another unoccupied holiday home!

Parking was a squeeze next to our Eurocamp Avant at Les Sablons

How many people does the Eurocamp Avant sleep?

The 3 bed, 1 bath Eurocamp Avant will sleep eight (a maximum of six adults) in a double bedroom (with a generous European queen size bed), a twin room, a bunk room and a fold out double sofa bed in the living area. In all honesty I think this would be something of a squash – for us as a family of five the space is great.

What are the beds like?

Dave and I obviously shared the double room and really appreciated the bigger than usual double bed – which was really quite comfortable – but we did struggle a bit with having to walk sideways around the bed all week due to a lack of floor space! The girls shared the twin room quite happily and Ben had the bunk room to himself. The single beds in the Eurocamp Avant are smaller than standard singles, probably more like a camp bed. Perfectly adequate for our three children but I’m not sure I’d really want to sleep on one as an adult.

twin bedroom in Eurocamp Avant holiday home - perfect for two children but will also sleep adults
European queen size bed in the Avant
Bunk room in Eurocamp Avant - this room would sleep two children but isn't suitable for adults

All the bedrooms have mosquito nets and blackout blinds

All of the bedrooms benefit from fitted mosquito nets so you can have the windows open without worrying about inviting unwanted visitors into your bedroom – and also fitted blackout blinds which is a bonus for getting younger children to sleep at night (although ours tend to stay up till it’s getting darker anyway!) and helps with the odd cheeky lie in of a morning. (The blackout blind in the main bedroom wouldn’t stay down but to be honest we managed just fine without it.)

The open plan living space benefits from air conditioning!

The living area in the Avant is really lovely and open with comfy seating and a table plenty big enough to seat six – not that we really used it – we much prefer to eat outside wherever possible when we’re on holiday, you can’t beat coffee and croissants on the deck of a morning! The air conditioning was quick and effective – and very much appreciated at times. We only really tended to put it on on an evening before bed if it was a bit warm, just to help everyone get to sleep as outside that the weather didn’t really warrant it – had we been visiting the following week I think it would have had a lot more use!

open plan living space in Eurocamp Avant

What are the kitchen facilities like in an Avant?

We liked the fact that there were two sets of French doors opening out on to the deck which made the Avant feel really bright. The long kitchen area felt more spacious than others we’ve had in the past and was well stocked with everything we needed – and plenty of things we didn’t! Dave appreciated the coffee machine and made himself a pot of coffee every morning without fail. We never touched the hob or microwave and only used the oven for chips – any meal we had at our Avant was either BBQ or sandwiches (freshly baked French bread every day thanks very much!) The dishwasher felt like a real luxury – nobody really wants to be washing up on holiday do they! The one niggle I did have with the kitchen was the cupboard space – because it was so well stocked with plates / bowls / glasses (the tiniest wine glasses known to man!) / anything else you might need – we found there wasn’t then a lot of space for our groceries. We ended up having to move things around to create shelf to put our shopping on and then leaving quite a bit out on the side which felt really untidy!

It’s worth making sure you’ve got a few basics with you when you arrive on site – tea, coffee, washing up liquid, snacks – just to keep you going until you can get to the supermarket or campsite shop (or pre-order a welcome pack with these things in). We actually took quite a bit with us this year in terms of things like cleaning spray, cloths, coffee, squash and toilet roll – I even took a bottle of gin as gin isn’t really a thing in French supermarkets the way it is here so there’s not a lot of choice and it can be quite expensive too.

Eurocamp welcome pack -pre-order essentials for your arrival

Is one bathroom enough for a large family?

The Avant has one main bathroom as opposed to the Espace we stayed in last year which had two. We honestly didn’t notice any difference dropping a bathroom. The bathroom was plenty big enough with a powerful shower – the taps were pretty sensitive and it was easy to go from freezing cold to far too hot so we tried to leave them alone once we’d settled on a comfortable temperature! At no point did we struggle with a lack of hot water – though I found out the hard way that it wasn’t advisable to use the kitchen sink when someone was washing their hair! The only real issue we had with the bathroom was that the bathroom door and main bedroom door were so close together that if one was open, you couldn’t open the other – meaning I got trapped in the bathroom after Dave had forgotten to shut out bedroom door!

Bed linen and towels can be hired as an add on

Whilst duvets and pillows are provided as standard, bed linen and towels are not, however these can be added as an extra – something that might be worth investing in if you are short of space in your car or if you are flying!  As part of our package we had bed linen, bath towels and beach towels.  Not having to drag a load of dirty bed linen and soggy towels from last minute swims home with us was a bonus but we did find that one bath towel each really wasn’t enough for the week – particularly with daily hair washing so I should have taken an extra couple really.

We spent most of our time on the large, gated decking area

As I’ve mentioned above, the way the mobile homes were positioned meant that you didn’t have much usable outdoor space beyond your decking. There was space to park your car and each mobile home had a sunbed on a small patch of grass but if I’m honest I wouldn’t have wanted to lie there as it was a pretty well used public space with people walking past or driving down reasonably regularly. Initially this really bothered me but I soon acclimatised and luckily the families opposite and next to us were really lovely so we didn’t mind being so close to one another.

Unless it was raining or the wind was ridiculous, we ate our meals outside on the large decking area underneath the fixed awning which provided us with welcome protection from the elements at times! (Be it the crazy 40mph gusts of wind we experienced most afternoons or the hot sun which put in an occasional appearance!) The table had six chairs and was a really lovely size for us as a family (in fact I think it was bigger than our dining table at home and cemented for me that it’s time to invest in a new one!) As well as the six chairs at the table, there were two more relaxed chairs at the end of the deck and also the sun lounger I mentioned before giving you plenty of options for chilling outside! Our deck also benefited from a gate which would have been a godsend had the children been younger but as it was just meant it made our space feel a little more private.

Avant benefits from a large, gated decking area
Family eating lunch on the deck of a Eurocamp Avant holiday home

Don’t forget your European plug adapters

The plug sockets throughout the Avant were European but we were ready for this with a number of adapters and a six gang extension (tablets for four and phones for two . . . ) – I know in some Eurocamp holiday homes there is a combination of European and UK sockets but it’s worth being prepared.

Pack carefully, there isn’t a lot of space for your clothes!

The only small complaint I would have about our Avant would be the lack of storage space in the bedrooms – we really struggled to unpack our clothes properly. The hanging space in the main bedroom was really short which is no good if you want to a hang a dress, and we generally just struggled to unpack our clothes in a way that kept them tidy and accessible. I will hold my hands up to saying we packed far too much – the number of clean clothes we brought home was fairly ridiculous – but even still I think we would have struggled with a lack of drawers or coat hangers – unpacking our suitcases onto shelving was a bit of a pain.

Would we book an Avant or Espace next time?

We loved our second Eurocamp holiday just as much as our first – if I were to choose between the Avant and the Espace now I would absolutely choose the Avant – yes we struggled a little for storage space and felt like we spent the whole time walking sideways but the pay off for this was a dishwasher, a larger double bed and a lighter, brighter, more spacious living area.

Watch our tour of the Eurocamp Avant three bed holiday home:

If you’ve got any questions about the Eurocamp Avant that I’ve not answered here – please do leave a comment below or give me a shout on twitter and I’ll do my best to answer them!

I’ll be writing more about our stay at Les Sablons soon but in the meantime, why not read about why we chose to drive to the South of France instead of flying or about our Stopover at Les Alicourts Resort, Loire


We stayed with Eurocamp free of charge. This post contains affiliate links.

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