Fisher Price First Steps Jumperoo – Review

We bought a Jumperoo for Ben when he was around 6 months old and it was by far the best money we spent – from the first moment we put him in it he absolutely loved it; bouncing away to his heart’s content.  It provided him with hours of entertainment, it wore him out (he bounced himself to sleep on more than one occasion) and it meant I had somewhere safe to put him while I made lunch or popped to the toilet.  We got months and months of use out of it – we only stopped using it once he could walk and then he obviously wasn’t that keen on being trapped in it!  Chloe didn’t love it quite so much but she still had plenty of fun.  She tended to be more interested in the toys than jumping quite so excitedly as Ben had.

When Fisher Price offered Amy the chance to review their most recent update to the Jumperoo we “jumped” at the chance (pardon the pun!)

The new First Steps Jumperoo is the most recent addition to a long line of Jumperoos . . . the dangling toys have gone, the frame has changed shape and it now extends to allow baby to take a few steps.

First go in the First Steps Jumperoo (5 months old)

Amy has been using the new First Steps Jumperoo for a couple of months now – at first she just sat in it and looked at the toys.  In the last few weeks she has started to realise she can bounce about a bit though as yet she hasn’t jumped anywhere near as excitedly as Ben used to!  She quickly gets fed up and shouts to be back out again (I don’t think this is particularly a reflection on the Jumperoo – she just likes to be held and sat on your knee to play).  I haven’t extended the frame out for her to try and walk as she’s not really at that stage yet.

Showing off some of the features

What we love: 

* It’s pretty easy to put together – everything “clicks” into place and you can’t really put it together wrong (It took me less then 20 minutes to fit it all together and get Amy playing)

* The seat is easy to fit and wash (I promise you will have at least one “poo incident” with your Jumperoo)

* The seat spins to access a variety of  toys

* The springs are fabric covered so there’s no change of trapped fingers

* The music and lights are appealing for baby (though less so for Mummy and Daddy so thankfully you can alter the volume and music for a bit of a change!)

What we’re not so keen on

* It’s HUGE! (Even when it’s not extended it takes up a lot of room)

* The overhead bits have gone – which I think takes away some of the incentive to jump and stretch

* I wish that once it was extended to provide walking space that there was some sort of locking mechanism as it makes it feel a bit wobbly – especially if one of your older children has a tendency to mess about with the legs (mentioning no names . . .)

* The seat unit is bigger, more cumbersome than older versions and I don’t think it’s really conducive to getting your bounce on – the previous versions just seemed to move more.

* I’m not sure what the point is of the netting on the sides

* I don’t like the “walker” element as they have to be tip toes to bounce but should surely be flat footed to walk?

* The hefty price tag . . . (an RRP of £124.99)

{I had planned to pop in a video of her playing but I can’t get it to work at the moment – I promise I’l add it in later!}

So although this is a great toy I would probably love it a whole lot more if I wasn’t able to compare it to the previous ones.  I feel Fisher Price have tried to do too much with this update.  If it weren’t for the “Steps” element to it I think I’d love it!  For me the Jumperoo is for getting a good old bounce on, I’d much rather a push along walker for encouraging those precious first steps.

*Disclaimer – We were sent the Fisher Price First Steps Jumperoo free of charge for the purposes of review however all thoughts and opinions are my own*

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31 thoughts on “Fisher Price First Steps Jumperoo – Review

  1. Wow, didn't realise it was that expensive. She looks like she loves it but I did think the overhead bits were a great feature of the original jumperoo x

  2. The 'original' jumperoo was the best baby gadget we purchased. My daughter and son both LOVED it! (So did I – I got so much done while they bounced!) I wonder why they made changes?

  3. I'm so glad you reviewed this. We were thinking of getting the original jumperoo, but I spotted this one and wasn't sure if it was worth it or not, especially as it had no reviews at the time. I think all things considered we'll go with the original x

  4. Oh the poos. Right up the back 😉 glad you wrote this. We had a cheaper version and Boo loved it but worth a thought if we have another (the cheaper version is in a mouse infested barn so don't think we'd be using it again haha)

  5. A great, balanced review. We loved our original Jumperoo, but I am not so keen on this new version – like you, I worry that it would make them walk on tiptoes. #TriedTested

  6. We had the rainforest jumperoo and it was my lifesaver and it gave me five mintues to drink a warm cup of tea. They are huge thou and the expensive. Lovely toys thou.

  7. Firstly. Again. How cute is your baby!!!! I cannot believe how expensive these are but I know my friends have had them and said they had no issues in paying all that money as it saved their lives! Maybe if I have number three (!) I can get us one xxx

  8. We loved our Jumperoo, and have just sold it on after Small Baby outgrew it – one thing about them being so expensive is that they tend to have a good resale value, a little silver lining! This was interesting to read – it seems a good idea but actually you're right, all you need is a good bounce and it's a shame they've got rid of the hanging toys too.

  9. Jumperoo and photos look fantastic. Your little one is so precious and looks so happy in it too! I loved our Fisher price jumperoo, such a great product. Hope you enjoy it. They last forever. So many things to do and stages to go through. Thanks for hosting. #tried&tested

  10. We never had a Jumperoo – Toby had a go in one at a playgroup and didn't seem that keen…and we just haven't got the room in our house for one! Luckily he's happy playing in the play pen so I still get chance to get stuff done 🙂

  11. It's really interesting to see their new jumperoo, Monkey loved the rainforest Jumperoo, but it is a shame they sometimes make things less good instead of better! Trying to combine too much into one. I'm glad she is enjoying it though 🙂 xx #triedtested

  12. Dexter loves he jumperoo and I had considered purchasing the upgrade after seeing it in the baby show but perhaps we should stick with the one we have. He was initially just interested in the toys but now hes found out he can bounce he goes crazy ha ha

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