Foreo ISSA 2 & ISSA Mini 2 Toothbrush – review

We received the items in this post free of charge for the purpose of review.

I got my first electric toothbrush for Christmas from my parents when I was at university nearly 20 years ago and never looked back. The feeling of clean you get from an electric toothbrush just isn’t comparable to that of a manual and I know I do a far better job of brushing those hard to reach areas with the smaller heads. I think I’ve had three or four electric toothbrushes in that time and they’ve all been much of a muchness (in fact I think they were probably all from the same brand). Small, oscillating heads and a unit which needed charging around once a week – usually meaning it would stop right in the middle of me brushing my teeth as I’m the sort of person who ignores the red light thinking, “I’ll charge it next time”.

Introducing the Foreo ISSA 2 and ISSA Mini 2 toothbrushes

Foreo issa 2 and issa mini 2 toothrbush collection

The Foreo ISSA 2 is a different type of toothbrush. Yes it’s a powered brush, but at first glance it looks more like a manual toothbrush. The toothbrush head is bigger and looks more traditional in shape. However, when you look at it properly, you realise that the ‘normal’ toothbrush bristles are surrounded by silicon bristles designed to gently massage and clean your gums! These Hybrid bristles channel 11,000 high-intensity pulsations per minute to create “micro-sweeps” leaving your teeth and gums sparkling.

I wasn’t convinced that the larger head would be comfortable or that I’d be able to reach some of the more awkward bits of my mouth. I needn’t have worried, the flexible toothbrush head is shaped so as to be able to clean your whole mouth comfortably.

Foreo ISSA silicone toothbrush

Does the Foreo ISSA 2 toothbrush clean your teeth effectively?

I must admit when I first started to use my new Foreo toothbrush I was sceptical. Holding the toothbrush in my mouth and moving it around, I felt like I wasn’t really doing anything – it’s so gentle that you can’t really feel it cleaning your teeth, and you don’t have to push or move the brush as much as you would with a manual or normal powered brush. How could it possibly be effective? I was sure that when I’d finished brushing my teeth that I would realise I hadn’t done it properly and would need to get my old brush back out to finish the job. This wasn’t the case. My teeth and gums felt as clean, if not cleaner, than they usually do but without any effort on my part or any risk of damage from brushing too hard.

boy brushing teeth with silicone sonic toothbrush

A timer to make sure you brush for long enough – and often enough!

The Foreo ISSA Mini 2 has a 2 minute timer which rewards you with a little smiley face called “Glee” when you’ve brushed for long enough but what’s even better is that a sad face appears if you’ve not used the brush in more than 12 hours – no more coming downstairs blagging you’ve brushed your teeth Amy Vee – your toothbrush will dob you in now!

Little girl using foreo issa mini 2 toothbrush

The ultra-soft silicone and ergonomically shaped handle makes the Foreo toothbrushes a joy to hold. The kids initially commented that their toothbrushes looked “pregnant” but Ben soon realised that the toothbrush was intentionally shaped like that to fit his hand!

A more hygenic toothbrush

I’ve always been quite conscious of putting our manual toothbrushes or toothbrush heads in the dishwasher on a regular basis, particularly if there’s been some illness in the house. It stands to reason that something you stick in your mouth and then rinse with cold water, would harbour bacteria to a certain extent doesn’t it? This isn’t such a concern with the Foreo ISSA 2 – the natural properties of silicone and PBT polymer harbour less bacteria for more hygienic brush heads and overall better oral health. (Obviously I won’t be putting my Foreo in the dishwasher!)

foreo issa mini 2 toothbrush

The Foreo ISSA2 is really easy to keep clean on a daily basis too – thanks to it’s completely waterproof design, you can rinse the whole toothbrush after use and not just the head, which means my sink side stays cleaner too! (As an added bonus, the fully waterproof design means you can use your toothbrush in the shower or the bath . . . apparently this is a thing?)

A sonic toothbrush with incredible battery life

But, despite all of these awesome features, the thing that really astounds me about my Foreo ISSA 2 is the claim that it will last for 365 days on a single charge! (The Foreo ISSA Mini 2 is slightly shorter at 265 days but still – that’s insane!) Dave thought I was having a laugh when I told him my new toothbrush only needed charging once a year! We both said we’d have been impressed with it if it held even a month’s charge to cover holidays and so forth! As an added bonus, when you do need to charge your Foreo toothbrush, it only needs a simple cable and charges via USB so we can get rid of that horrible bulky charger and adapter that we needed for our old toothbrushes!

Update after four months of use – my Foreo ISSA 2 charge definitely doesn’t last a year – but it does last for a couple of months. When it needs charging it starts to behave like it has a loose connection and won’t work at certain angles – a good charge seems to to sort this right out.

foreo  issa mini 2 toothbrush handle

Although the Foreo ISSA 2 feels quite expensive at over £100, I think it’s actually inline with other powered toothbrushes. The brush heads last for a full 6 months and it comes with a 2-Year Limited Warranty and a 10-Year Quality Guarantee making it a worthwhile investment and actually better value than other sonic toothbrushes. It’s worth shopping around for deals however in the meantime, check out the Foreo website.

Dave’s feeling pretty grumpy that he doesn’t have a Foreo toothbrush too so I’d best look at buying him one!

We received our Foreo ISSA toothbrushes free of charge for the purposes of review however all thoughts and opinions remain our own


We received the items in this post free of charge for the purpose of review.

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