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With September creeping up on us, it’s time to start thinking about school uniform and new shoes – all three of my children need new school shoes this September and that’s not going to come cheap.

The question is, is it worth spending more on big brand school shoes in the hope they will last longer or do we go for cheaper shoes knowing that they will be outgrown or ruined within months anyway?

Treads indestructible school shoes

According to an independent survey commissioned by , the average lifespan of the most expensive branded school shoes is less than five months, while 40% of parents say their kids’ school shoes wear out in under three months.

British company Treads, was started by a Dad who has developed his own range of super durable school shoes. They are so tough, they come with a 12 month indestructible guarantee (by which point I’d expect most children to have outgrown them anyway!)

school shoes with protected toes

I’ve tried various brands of shoes at a range of price points over the last seven years and in that time I’ve learned that, for us, the key to longer lasting shoes is to buy patent for the girls and to make sure that Ben’s have rubber toe caps – but even then it can be hit and miss. We’ve had pairs of shoes last almost the full school year (and I must admit they were expensive ones) and others that have lasted no time at all.

If you fancy testing out Treads indestructibility claims this September, why not enter our giveaway – just complete the rafflecopter below, ensuring to do this accurately to avoid disqualification!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

*Treads have given us three pairs of school shoes free of charge in exchange for writing this post*


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