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What is a pregnancy necklace?

The Harmony ball is an Indonesian tradition – a pendant worn by pregnant Balienese women to protect their baby from dark spirits. In western culture the necklace is worn by expectant mothers to create special bond with their baby.

Silver pregnancy harmony ball necklace from Le Petit Bola

How does a harmony necklace work?

The small copper balls inside the harmony necklace produce a soothing sound which can be heard within the womb when baby’s hearing starts to develop at around four months pregnant. In theory baby will learn to recognise this soft sound and feel comforted by it. The familiar sound of the harmony ball can then continue to be used to soothe baby after birth.

chime ball necklace - pregnancy necklace resting on baby bump

Le Petit Bola pregnancy necklaces

French brand, Le Petit Bola, launched in 2016  from a small apartment in France and has since grown quickly – they now have their own office, the team is growing and the word spreading about their beautiful pregnancy necklaces.

Le Petit Bola team - small French company making harmony necklaces for pregnant women

Le Petit Bola offer a wide range of harmony balls to suit all styles and budgets. Different metals or cords, personalised with charms, Swarovksi crystals or semi-precious stones – the pendants are beautiful pieces of jewellery in their own right. The necklace is designed to be worn on the baby bump and as such, some of the Le Petit Bola necklaces have been created with an adjustable cord which allows the necklace length to be altered for a perfect fit as pregnancy progresses

The perfect baby shower gift

Choosing a gift for your pregnant friend or relative can be tricky – the things they might usually like might not be appropriate in pregnancy (I’m thinking wine!) or they might have gone off them temporarily (their favourite fragrances might be knocking them sick) but a Le Petit Bola pregnancy necklace is a beautiful gift – a stunning piece of jewellery for mum herself but with a nod to celebrating her pregnancy too. So, if you’re looking for the idea baby shower / birthday / ‘just because’ gift for the pregnant woman in your life, definitely pop over and check out Le Petit Bola.

Le Petit Bola pregnancy necklace - perfect baby shower gift

Enter to win a Le Petit Bola harmony ball necklace

If you’d like to win a Le Petit Bola pregnancy necklace of your choice, complete the rafflecopter below – ensuring to do this accurately to avoid disqualification!

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