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Lonely Planet are a well established, trusted brand of travel books loved the world over and famed for offering nuggets of information which might be brushed over by other books.  What I didn’t know was that they also have a sister brand; Lonely Planet Kids, aimed at kick-starting the travel bug in children from an early age.  I love the idea of developing an early lust for travel and exploration in children!  There is so much to discover if only we’d step off our own front door step.

  - Lonely Planet Kids

Ben was sent a selection of Lonely Planet Kids books which he was super excited about – you can see what he thinks about them here:

So now you’ve seen what Ben thinks about his books, it’s my turn to share my thoughts with you.

The Travel Book (Ben doesn’t mention this book in his video)

My own geography and knowledge of the world is pretty poor so I found this book really interesting myself.  I love the way the book is laid out in a really friendly and accessible way – small snippets of information that can be dipped into.  This is great for more reluctant readers as it’s not too overwhelming and I think it makes for great conversation starters as you read together.  The sheer number of interesting and random facts really appeals to Ben!  He loves a good “Did you know . . . ?”

You Rule!

This book is laid out in such a way as to give you all the information you need to start and run your own country.  I love this sneaky way of actually teaching you all about how countries are ruled and managed with sections focusing on Border Security, Migration / Immigration and Democracy.  The tone of the book is really chatty and friendly but gives a lot of really detailed information at the same time.  The teacher in me loves this!!

You Rule! - Lonely Planet Kids

Adventures Around the Globe – World Atlas

This special edition Atlas is designed to introduce young readers to the continents with a beautifully illustrated map along with all sorts of activities and stickers to really help them get involved.  I think this is particularly great for those kinesthetic learners who learn more by doing.

How to be an international SPY

Obviously as soon as this book arrived I knew Ben was going to be thrilled with it – who wouldn’t want to learn about being an international spy!  It’s the coolest thing ever!  Obviously we can’t share all the details of the book with you . . . it’s a secret!

How to be an international spy - Lonely Planet Kids

We love this selection of Lonely Planet Kids books and think they would make for great Christmas presents!  They’re so exciting and interesting for kids but full of information too.

*Disclaimer – We were sent the books free of charge for the purposes of review and have been compensated for our time however all thoughts and opinions remain our own*

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  1. I visited Egypt when I was 15 with my school & have always wanted to go back. I have pictures of me posing by the Sphynx & sitting on a stone (bigger than me!) by the Great Pyramid. I'd love to see more of the country.

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