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I’ve always hated our kitchen blinds. They were put up as a cheap “put me on” solution when we had our kitchen extension done eight years ago and were just plain black roller blinds. They did the job but they looked pretty ugly and had faded badly over the years so when we started on our mission to redecorate the kitchen and living room last autumn, I knew we had to replace them.

Our kitchen and living room is fairly open plan – in fact much of the natural light in our living room comes from one of the kitchen windows and a small Velux in the kitchen ceiling. I’ve complained many times that our living room is really dark and we have done everything we can to lift it including installing a smart lighting system from Philips Hue which allows us to have bright white light during the day giving a feeling of daylight. We’ve painted the living room and kitchen brilliant white which has made a huge difference too. Our kitchen units are a dark red gloss – visitors to our house always comment that they love them, but if I’m honest I’d really like to replace them with something much brighter but that’s not on the list for a while. The black roller blinds were just another thing which made the rooms feel “dark” – as if they were absorbing the light from the rooms.

When it came to choosing new blinds for the kitchen, I did consider new roller blinds with a bold pattern but decided against it as it was too tricky to find something that worked with the dark red gloss cabinets but also complimented the newly redecorated living room. In the end, a simple white blind seemed to make the most sense.

After much deliberation, I settled on the Editions blind in satin white from Make My Blinds. Although they look like wood, these blinds are actually a high-quality PVC which means you can put them up in any room, including the bathroom. I chose the 50mm wide slats as I like the look of the wider slats but you can also order them in a 35mm width too.

Make My Blinds - white wood effect slat blinds, made to measure

Ordering from Make My Blinds is really easy – but we still managed to get it wrong and end up with blinds that didn’t fit. It was entirely our fault – the website clearly asks if you want “recess” or “exact” fit blinds – we should have ordered recess so that they would have been made to fit inside our windows – but Dave had misunderstood what I was asking him and told me the measurements were exact . . . this meant that the blinds were too big to fit inside the window recess. As I say, this was entirely our fault. Because the blind are made to measure, you obviously can’t return them if they don’t fit because you measured them wrong! Please do learn from our mistake and read the instructions for measuring really carefully – and as they saying goes “measure twice, cut once“.

With the help of a clamp and a saw, and a lot of sweat and swearing, Dave did manage to make the blinds fit and, whilst they’re not perfect, I don’t think anyone else will notice! Of course life would have been much easier if we’d just ordered the right size in the first place!

Made to measure kitchen blinds from Make My Blinds
Wood effect PVC blinds - made to measure

Dave said the blinds were fairly easy to fit – he did both blinds without any additional help (or hindrance) from me. One of the blinds did fall off shortly after we’d fitted it but hasn’t since so we can only assume that we must have not quite fitted it properly in the first place! Luckily it didn’t cause any damage when it fell!

We had to fit the blinds slightly forward within the window recess as it was interfering with the handles on the windows – something we hadn’t considered until it was time to fit. This means we have lost a little of our window sill when the blinds are lowered.

One minor niggle we’ve had is that the cord on the right – which is the one to pull the blind up and down – needs to be pulled out to the right to fix the blind in it’s raised position – but it’s hard to get the correct angle in our deeply recessed windows.

Slat blinds can be left down or raised to let more light in

I really love the look of our new blinds, I think they’ve lifted the space once again, making everything look lighter, brighter and more modern. Dave prefers to have the blinds up, but when I’m home on my own during the day I like to leave them down and slightly angled as, although this does make the room a smidge darker, it means my neighbour can’t see into my house . . . this is a guy who has previously made comments to Dave that I’m “shy” as I won’t make eye contact with him when he’s staring over his garden fence at me making my lunch in the kitchen . . . so yeah slat blinds are a great modern alternative to net curtains. Bye bye creepy neighbour!

Make My Blinds is a great way to get made to measure blinds, delivered to your door with minimum fuss and at a great price. Our blinds were here within days of ordering – I was really impressed. Just make sure you measure them carefully!!


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