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I won’t deny I’m something of a sentimental soul, I love to reminisce and remember happy times and I have a ridiculous memory for the dates things happen. I can tell you the exact date that I meant a number of significant people in my life, I can tell you what I was wearing and what they were wearing and probably some of the conversations we had – even though it was nearly twenty years ago. I love to look through Facebook memories and see what we were doing this time last year, this time five years ago or this time a decade ago. I like to mark the passage of time – though the speed of it sometimes stresses me out.

As you can imagine, the idea behind Maps for Moments really appeals to me – you can choose any date and location and create a map of the stars on that date, in that place. I love how subtle this is – I can have this gorgeous piece of art work on my wall and have it remind me of a special time without shouting and screaming in bold font “THIS DATE IS SIGNIFICANT TO ME”. In fact you don’t even have to have any text at all on your print if you don’t want to.

There are so many special dates I could choose – but I decided to go with the night Dave and I met. Yes I could have chosen the date of our wedding, or the date of the birth of our first child, but actually I think the date we met is one of the most important. We could have never known how our lives would change as a result of meeting each other that night. It wasn’t instant, we didn’t even kiss for months. We just started chatting, swapped numbers and slowly but surely built a friendship, which over time became something more. (I fell for him way faster than he did me – it took us over a year from meeting to finally giving it a go as a couple and even then it wasn’t a smooth path.)

Maps for Moments personalised star print in a black frame on the wall in navy themed living room

Creating your personalised Star Map print literally takes a matter of moments – you choose your date and location and that’s pretty much it! You can alter the colour of your print (though I kept it to the navy suggested on the site as it suits the decor of our living room perfectly). The prints are available in a variety of sizes ranging from an A4 digital download at £14.99 through to an A2 print at £49.99 – there are also framing options though I chose to buy my own frame as I wanted a white one initially however when the print arrived, I decided it needed the contrast of a black frame. (It turns out A2 frames aren’t actually all that easy to come buy but I picked ours up in John Lewis and am really pleased with it.)

As well as the Star Map, Maps for Moments now offer a customised City Map which again you can choose the colour of and add a special, personal message to.

The prints make a gorgeous gift to commemorative a special moment – perhaps a first wedding anniversary where the traditional gift is paper, or the birth of a child.

I’m thrilled to be able to offer you the chance to win your own Maps for Moments print worth up to £50 – the winner will get the print of their choice and the prize includes a poster hanger. Just complete the Rafflecopter below to enter!

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  1. September 28, 2019 / 3:29 pm

    This is an absolutely wonderful idea for a gift. We are very sentimental and something like this would have real meaning for us. I think it has to be an anniversary gift!!

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