Mini First Aid – Review

It’s a really long time since I’ve had any formal first aid training.  And when I say a long time I’m talking getting on for twenty years.  In my late teens I worked for an SEN charity in York and as part of my job I was first aid trained.  However, despite being a teacher for almost 14 years and a parent of as near as damn it 8 years, this first aid training hasn’t been kept up to date.  I know the basics of course but really, if it came down to it, would I know what do in an emergency at home?

A few weeks ago I made my way over to my friend Sally‘s house where she was hosting a Mini First Aid course.  Mini First Aid run first-aid workshops which are open to the public or private classes for small groups of friends or family at a cost of just £20 per person based on 10 people attending.  £20 for two hours of peace of mind?  Bargain.

Paula from Mini First Aid Lancashire arrived at Sally’s house whilst we were having a bit of lunch and quickly set up her equipment in the living room.  The two hour course is designed to focus specifically on first aid for babies and children and I must admit that there were times where the idea of having to put any of the techniques we were learning into practice made me feel a bit anxious.  Watching someone demonstrating CPR on a model of a baby is not the nicest experience – however, having the opportunity to watch the demonstration and have a go for myself does mean I’d be more confident now should the situation arise.

CPR training with Mini First Aid

Paula talked us through a range of topics including what to keep in our First Aid kit at home (there’s definitely things missing from mine so I’ve got a bit of a shopping list to make sure it’s topped up), how to do CPR, treat burns, manage broken bones or deal with a choking incident.  All things which I hope I never need to know about, but which could easily be an issue in a family with small children.

I was so impressed with our Mini First Aid course.  Paula was extremely knowledgeable and the information she shared was clear and easy to understand.  There is always the worry that you won’t remember what you’ve learned – but the combination of teaching, practical activity and the leaflets we were given to take away have left me confident that whilst I’m still not an expert, I do have a good grasp of the basics and what to do in an emergency.

I particularly loved that I was able to take the course with friends, at a time which suited us all in a location which was convenient and comfortable.  Doing the course with friends or family means you’re more relaxed and feel safe to be able to ask questions without looking silly (or in this case knowing that you will be laughed at but not minding because it’s your mates and not a room full of strangers judging you!)

Mini First Aid course with friends

For the sake of £20 per head I wholeheartedly recommend you get a group of friends together and get a Mini First Aid course booked in at home – you can even enjoy a good natter and some cake afterwards!

* I attended the Mini First Aid course free of charge for the purposes of review.  All thoughts and opinions remain my own*

(Thanks to Sally for letting me borrow her photos!!)

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