Miracle Box “City” Changing Bag, Buggy Hooks and Secure Buggy Clips – Review

Finding a changing bag to suit your needs can take a bit of research – we have actually settled into a pattern of using two bags now depending on which children we’ve got with us!  During the week Ben is at school & Chloe at Nursery so it’s only really me and Amy – I don’t need a massive bag just for her.  However come the weekend when we’re all going out I can end up taking everything but the kitchen sink!

Ben & Chloe rarely need a change of clothes at the moment – depending on where we’re going I might stick them a clean set in (for example if I know they’re likely to get filthy or splash in puddles – I’d rather be prepared than have to stop them enjoying themselves).  As Chloe moves towards toilet training I will of course have to re think that and probably have to take several changes out for her.

The City changing bag is enormous and has been designed specifically for mums who need space.  Personally I think this bag is ideal for mums with more then one child to think about – it would also make a great weekend bag for baby.  (We actually used it as a weekend bag for Amy when we went away over Christmas and got all of her clothes etc in it!)

What I love about it: 

* The black spotty fabric is a practical colour and wipes clean – it’s not going to damage easily.

* It comes with it’s own changing mat – which unlike mats in other bags is actually a decent size!

* It has two enormous zipped compartments which are accessed separately – I use one for changing things (nappies, wipes etc) and the other for clothes, bits of snacks and toys.

* The pockets at either end are a great size for bottles – one has a thermal lining to keep your bottle warm (or in my case you drink cold!) The pockets are big enough to pop Ben and Chloe’s drinks bottles in each end.

* Although you would likely use the handles to carry it it does also have a shoulder strap.

* This is a great bag if you’re using cloth nappies as there’s plenty of space for them all!

What I’m not so keen on: 

* It’s so big it doesn’t really fit in my pram basket (this can be dealt with by using pram hooks)

For me this bag is ideal for big days out with all five of us but too much for day to day use with just Amy.

Alongside the bag we’ve also been testing out a pair of Buggy Hooks & some Secure Buggy Clips.  At first glance I didn’t think I would like the Buggy Hooks but they’re actually fantastic!  At the moment we are using the carry cot on our pram which makes the basket a little harder to access so being able to hang a couple of bags from the pram handle is really convenient.  The hooks are attached with extra strong adjustable Velcro straps and will fit onto most prams or strollers.  I love that they will turn round and fold up out of the way. If you’ve got a bigger, heavier bag you can use two hooks to spread the weight.  The Secure Buggy Clips serve much the same purpose but with a spring clip for added security – brilliant for your handbag.

*Disclaimer – I was sent the changing bag and hooks free of charge for the purposes of review but all thoughts and opinions are my own* 

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6 thoughts on “Miracle Box “City” Changing Bag, Buggy Hooks and Secure Buggy Clips – Review

  1. Great review! Cannot believe how fashionable and practical changing bags have become nowadays! Long gone are the days when all that were available were the frumpy and bulky picnic-bag looking changing bags!

  2. I use a Miracle Bag, I got it when Flossy was on the way to use for the two girls, I needed plenty of space for the two of them plus I use reusables! I find it great, especially now that I have three of them and two of them are in reusable nappies. I do struggle with the pram though, using a double there really is no space underneath for a bag. i tend to decant what I need into a small bag and return to the car if something untoward happens lol!!

    PLeeeeeeeease could you give me a link to the hooks/clips cos I am desperate for something, I use the Baby Jogger City Mini with a carrycot on and access to the basket is VERY limited!! Taaa x x x

  3. Just thought I would pop back to tell you that I discovered that the shoulder strap actually fits around the handle of my Baby Jogger city mini double pushchair (side by side) I have the carrycot on one side which means the seat is laying flat but if I put the bag off centre it fits brilliantly behind the toddler seat!! Perfect!! *happy dance*
    (Thankyou for pointing out link is already there for the hooks/clips lol, I blame the idiot laptop and my considerable sleep deprivation hahaha!! shall be investing in some of those!) x x x

  4. Thanks for the review. The changing bag looks really spacious. I would have appreciated a photograph of pram hooks and secure buggy clips. Especially of them in use. As this can assist in determining suitability etc.

    Rachel Craig

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