MOKURU: The next big fidget toy? – Review

Fidget toys are all the rage at the moment aren’t they?  Everywhere I go I see kids whizzing fidget spinners around their fingers and I can’t tell you how many I’ve confiscated in the classroom.  They drive me mad but there’s no denying that they have their place and kids are going crazy for them.  Launched in the UK today is the latest offering to the “fidget market” if you will – the Mokuru Desk Toy.

MOKURU fidget toys

MOKURU is the latest craze to hit our shores from Japan.  At first glance it really doesn’t look all that exciting but believe me once you get it out of the packet it’s infuriatingly addictive.  Ben literally can’t leave it alone.

Designed to test and refine your balance and focus, it reminds me a little of the bottle flip everyone was so obsessed with last year.  This little wooden toy has been carefully crafted from quality materials to ensure perfect balance – which if you’re going to be trying to learn tricks with it is really important, it’s not good having something which isn’t quite right (so it’s worth mentioning here that there are cheap copies of the MOKURU available but you get what you pay for . . . )

MOKURU desk toy

The first thing Ben tried to do with his MOKURU was just to make it “walk” across the table – if you tip it too hard (or not hard enough) you will knock it over and it will just roll away.  Once he’d mastered this we had a look at youtube to see what else we could try and found that the “simplest” trick to master as a beginner is a “basic flip” which means letting the MOKURU flip over but stopping it again with a flat hand – the challenge is to stop it in a vertical position. Although Ben found this really tricky to start with, a bit of concentration and determination meant he was soon improving!

MOKURU toy - flip

Ben was most impressed by the “flip and hold” manoeuvre which means flipping the MOKURU and then catching it on the back of your hand – he has been trying do this almost constantly ever since.

MOKURU tricks

MOKURU Flip & Catch

I must warn you that, being made of wood, the MOKURU can be a bit noisy as it’s being flipped around on your dining room table or laminate floor – this certainly isn’t a toy I would want to be used in my classroom during learning time.  That said, if you survived the noise of constant bottle flipping or whirring fidget spinners I reckon you’ll be ok . . .

Ben and I made this video of him playing with his MOKURU straight from the packet so he’s no expert but you can really see how frustratingly addictive it is and how determined he is to nail the tricks!

He’s super keen to take his MOKURU to school to show off to his mates. . . .

MOKURU fidget stick

You can find MOKURU in the following places:


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