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As a teacher I know how incredibly frustrating it is when the children in your class haven’t got their names in their clothes.  When you have a pile of unnamed jumpers and kids are saying “Mines a 26” (which pretty much all of them are seeing as how they’re all about the same age / size) or when they start sniffing them going “Nope that one’s not mine” . . . Really.  Please just name your child’s property – even if you just do it with a biro.  It will make everyone’s life much easier and you’re far less likely to have to replace things as the year wears on.

Anyway when Ben was first at Nursery, in an attempt to avoid sewing labels onto everything, I bought a load of iron on labels.  They were rubbish and fell off.  I quickly invested in some rather expensive but very effective name tags which were basically punched into the clothing in the way that security tags are – they’ve been fabulous, they’ve never once fallen off and they are reusable (though only if you buy new backs) however they are really very expensive and now that I’m trying to name three lots of property I could do with finding a cheaper but equally effective option . . .

These clever stick on name tags from My Name Tags are literally genius.  They will stick to pretty much anything – and are dishwasher and washing machine safe.  As you can see we’ve tried them out on a range of different bits and bobs and as yet not one is showing any signs or wear or fade.  (Of course this may be different in term’s time and if that’s the case I shall update you but for now I’m really impressed!)

My Name Tags
My Name Tags on school t shirt

 My Name Tags on snack pot

My Name Tags on umberella

 My Name Tags on school book bag

What we love about them: 
* They’re bright and colourful – meaning that even if your child can’t read their own name yet they should be able to identify their own stickers
* The order process is easy with a whole range of fonts, backgrounds, colours and motifs to choose from
* The stick on – no ironing, no sewing, no fussy gadgets for attaching.  Just stick and go.
* They’re dishwasher and washing machine safe – I was sure they’d just fall off but so far so good.
* They’re really great value at just £11.95 a sheet

What we’re not so keen on: 
* Nothing, I’m really impressed with them!

*Disclaimer – We were sent My Name Tags labels free of charge for the purposes of review however all thoughts and opinions remain our own*

42 thoughts on “My Name Tags – Review

  1. That is such a good idea! I have to label some of my daughter's belongings for nursery (coats etc, I can't quite stretch to every outfit) but she occasionally takes soft toys in etc and after a heart-stopping moment where I thought we'd lost her favourite monkey, I think I need a nametag on him too. Love that they're so colourful as well. #triedtested

  2. The bright colours and the font on these labels are so appealing. I often go for the quick option of using a laundry pen but proper name labels do look nicer and are easier for a child to recognise.


  3. Well done on finding something that stays on. Mine always fall off. And I haven't heard of the "punch on" ones you mentioned. Have you posted a review of those? #triedtested

  4. These look great. I use the iron on write your own things for Gwenn's one day at nursery at the moment but next year when she's at nursery more often I think I need to upgrade to something like this. x


  5. They are certainly bright and vibrant aren't they, you wouldn't miss them. I have tried a variety of different name labels through Miss A's nursery and school life.

  6. I don't name any of N's day nursery jumpers but he's one of only a handful with the same size, the other nursery has about 3 names scrubbed over and written on the label thanks to being handed down. For school in Sept I definitely need to get organised though. Definitely the hardcode stickers are the quickest way to go (although I love the idea of having old fashioned Cash's stitch on labels.

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