Our Family – July 2019

July has, as ever, been a super busy month for us filled with typical end of school year activity, a holiday to Portugal and multiple birthdays (my Dad, Chloe and Ben all celebrate their birthdays in July!)

We're going on an adventure at YNot Festival
Family at YNot Festival July 2019

Dave is loving

* Being on holiday in Portugal
* Continuing to train Ben for his bike ride next month
* Water parks
* Festival day drinking
* Elbow at YNot Festival

Colette is loving

* Sunshine and sun tans
* Family holidays
* Portuguese cliff tops
* Being off school for summer
* Festival fun with Team Fox

Ben is loving

* Being on holiday in Portugal with Granny, Grandad and Aunty Nic
* Training for his 40 mile bike ride next month!
* Live music at YNot Festival
* Reading all the books on his new kindle
* Water parks!

Chloe is loving

* Wearing her hair gelled back while she grows out her fringe
* Her birthday pool party
* Reading late into the night on her new kindle
* Girlie shopping time with Granny & Aunty Nic
*Dancing to Franz Ferdinand at YNot Festival
* Growing her own tomatoes

Amy is loving

* Being on holiday in Portugal with her family
* Ice lollies
* Her first girlie shopping day in York
* A sparkly new handbag
* Festival glitter!
*Swimming from dawn till dusk on holiday
* ‎Hearing Kate Nash sing Foundations live at YNot Festival (so bittaah!)

Cross your fingers, and I might manage to do this again in August!!


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