Oxo Tots Flip Top Snack Cup & Twist Top Water Bottle – Review

I was thrilled to be offered the chance to review some products from the Oxo Tots range – looking through the website I was struck by how modern and clean looking lots of the products were – just generally very stylish.

There’s loads of great ideas for feeding little ones: food storage solutions, cutlery, cups – all really well thought out. I particularly liked the idea of the feeding spoon with travel case and intend to try those when it comes to weaning Beak!

I chose two items for Chloe to try out: Flip Top Snack Cup and the new Twist Top Water Bottle.  When they arrived Ben saw them on the table and immediately asked if we could have blue ones as well!

Oxo tots flip top snack cup
Flip Top Snack Cup
So the things I love about this?
* Its the perfect size for Chloe to hold comfortably
* The lid doesn’t come off (I dread to think how many little lidless tubs are in my cupboards!)
* Its the ideal size for a small snack (be it grapes or chocolate buttons!)
* It goes in the dishwasher
* The tub is nice and sturdy so there’s no chance of squashing your snack while you’re out on an adventure!
* The sides are see-through so you can see how much has been eaten.
I actually don’t have any dislikes with this one – we like it so much that we do indeed now own a blue one for Ben! The Flip Top Snack Cup is a winner!
Oxo Tots Twist Top water bottle

Twist Top Water Bottle

And the wins for this one are:
* Its a really generous size – Chloe likes to drink a lot so a big bottle is great for us.
* The nice wide neck means you can add ice if you want to
* The straw tucks away neatly when it’s out of use to prevent spills and also for hygiene
* It goes in the dishwasher
* The generous size of the straw means you can use it for thicker drinks like smoothies
* The sides are see-through so you can see how much has been drunk.
* The hook on the side is fab for attaching to thinks or for Chloe to hold
* The bottle doesn’t leak.  The only minor downsides are that at the moment Chloe isn’t able to open and shut the cup herself and that it will spill if it’s not fastened.
From my experiences with these two products I have to say I’m a big fan of Oxo Tots (as are Ben and Chloe!) and  I will definitely be looking at trying some more things when Beak is ready for weaning!
*Disclaimer – I was sent these Oxo Tots products for the purpose of review but all thoughts and opinions are my own.  Post contains affiliate links*  

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