Protecting our teeth from Acid Wear with Pronamel for Children

I was brought up on a regular diet of dental care. . . by which I mean my Mum took me to the dentist 6 monthly like clockwork, we often had those little red disclosing tablets to show up the plaque (which incidentally, I keep meaning to try out with  Ben and Chloe) and I always remember my Grandparents commenting when people had nice teeth and reminding us of how important it was to look after our one and only set.

I’ve been very lucky with my own teeth thus far.  I only had my first filling in my early 30s, shortly after having Chloe.  I blame pregnancy for that one!  It was a pretty heavy going root canal performance in one of my front teeth and not a very pleasant experience I can tell you!  Aside from that I had a couple of wisdom teeth removed and that’s as far as my dental interference has gone until now!  There is nothing worse than having painful or sensitive teeth.  It’s a pain which is inescapable and really does take over your face.  I will never forget waking in the middle of the night crying in pain before one of my wisdom teeth was evicted unceremoniously by the dentist!  I wouldn’t wish dental problems on anyone.

Of course I hope my own children are as lucky with their teeth as I have been.  I’m always conscious of protecting their teeth from sticky sugary sweets, aware of the potential damage that too much squash can do.  However in recent years dentists have becoming increasingly concerned about the damage which can be caused by the acids found in fruits, juices and soft drinks.  This Acid Wear is really worrying as it’s caused by foods we know to be healthy.  The foods we thought were the right thing to feed our little ones, are the very ones which could be damaging their teeth permanently.  Of course this isn’t to say that we should all stop eating fruit and drinking juices altogether, more that we need to be careful to limit the number of “acid exposures” on our children’s teeth.

Adult teeth start to put in an appearance at around the age of 6 and these new teeth are for life, if we look after them properly!  At our last trip to the dentist it was emphasised that we needed to be especially careful with Ben’s new teeth as they were at their most vulnerable in the early years whilst the enamel is soft and thin.  If the enamel on your teeth is allowed to be softened due to Acid Wear it will slowly be worn away and once it’s gone, that’s it.  Your enamel cannot be replaced.

Pronamel for Children toothpaste is designed specially to protect children’s teeth from Acid Wear and tooth decay.  They are understandably keen to raise awareness of the risks of Acid Wear amongst parents after a recent survey of 2,000 UK parents found 38% of 12 year olds and 44% of 15 year olds are showing signs of dental erosion on their incisors and 36% of those surveyed didn’t know what Acid Wear was in relation to teeth.  How can we protect their children from damage if we don’t even know the risk is there.  If you asked me if I thought an apple or an orange was a good snack for my kids I’d say yes in an instance.  And yes, it is better than sticky sweets or crisps – of course it is.  But in the same breath, those acidic fruits are slowly damaging their teeth.  It really does feel like we can’t do right for doing wrong doesn’t it?  I know I will be adding Pronamel for Children to my shopping basket this weekend!

As part of this drive to raise awareness of the risks of Acid Wear, Pronamel for Children are holding a Twitter party on Tuesday lunch time (9th Feb) – and you know how much I love a good Twitter party!  We’ll be chatting about children’s oral health and Acid Wear in particular, with Professor David Bartlett and the team from Pronamel for Children on hand to answer any questions.  If  you want to join in the conversation and discuss any tips or concerns you have about Acid Wear then join myself and @tots100 at 1pm using the hashtag #Pronamel4Children – there’s even the chance to win an iPad!  ·

*This post is in collaboration with Pronamel for Children and Tots100*

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