The last BBQ of the summer with Regina Blitz

This post was developed in collaboration with Regina

When it comes to making the most of the summer sun, I’m a big fan of alfresco dining, specifically BBQs!  I just don’t think you can beat sitting outside in the sunshine with a steady supply of burgers and bangers on the BBQ and a whole array of tasty sides.  Of course I’m less keen on the mess that comes with it – spillages, sticky fingers and the grill? Well that’s Dave’s job!  In a recent survey of British families commissioned by leading kitchen roll brand Regina, it was found that over a third of British parents have put off hosting a BBQ for fear of the mess.  And, when it takes the average UK parent almost 40 minutes to clean up after a BBQ, I can totally see why you’d just stick those burgers under the grill and be done with it – but then you’d be missing out wouldn’t you?  Nobody remembers the time Mum cooked tea in the kitchen and we all had a laugh do they . . .

We don’t get to BBQ much at home due to a lack of space in our garden but we take the opportunity whenever we can at my parents’ house and when we’re camping a BBQ tea is practically law.

In an effort to make the most of the last weekend of the school holidays, a whole group of us took ourselves off to a campsite near Morecambe.  We had a glorious day of outdoor fun – football on the field, exploring the nearby beach and the mums also took the chance to sneak off to the onsite cafe for an hour or so for a coffee and a catch up in peace!

Looking for crabs on the beach near Morecambe

On the beach at Red Bank Farm campsite

Throwing rocks in the water at Red Bank Farm campsite

We decided a communal BBQ was the best plan for tea on Saturday night and everyone contributed meat & sides to be shared.  We had two BBQs on the go and with ten hungry children to feed I’m sure you can imagine there were plenty of burgers sizzling away!  Top of the BBQ hit list for my three are cheese burgers and sausages dripping in more tomato ketchup that is strictly necessary for anyone to consume in one sitting followed by enormous toasted marshmallows squished between chocolate digestive biscuits . . . delicious but super sticky!  For the adults it’s burgers, steak, ribs, chicken wings and halloumi (if you haven’t tried halloumi on the BBQ, add it to your list for next time!)

Regina Blitz - BBQ

BBQ sausages and tomato ketchup

BBQ corn on the cob

BBQ sausages for the kids

I must admit I’m not a fan of ribs & wings myself, I prefer to eat my meat safely tucked up in a bread roll or with a knife and fork!  I’m just not a fan of the sticky fingers, Dave however couldn’t care less.  I’m not alone in this though, 41% of parents admitted to avoiding serving ribs as they are too messy!

man eating chicken wings

Regina Blitz kitchen roll cleaning sticky fingers at a BBQ

Regina are keen to ensure that #thestressofmess doesn’t impact on the moments that matter – so rather than avoiding a family BBQ for fear of having to clean up afterwards, just accept that it’s part and parcel of it and prepare for it.  While we were camping, we were obviously a bit of a walk from the nearest sink which meant we had to be primed for spills and sticky fingers.  I put a roll of all-purpose household and kitchen towel, Regina Blitz out on the table ready for action and we just got on with enjoying our meal!  From blobs of tomato ketchup on the table to sticky fingers and spilled drinks, the strong, absorbent Regina Blitz had our backs.  We particularly appreciated the fact that Regina Blitz’s triple layer sheets are almost 70% bigger than standard kitchen roll so you really didn’t to use more than one sheet for most jobs!

Regina Blitz all purpose kitchen towel

Regina Blitz - 70% bigger than your average kitchen towel

Regina Blitz to clean household spills

Regina Blitz kitchen roll for wiping hands

If you fancy giving Regina Blitz a go at your next family BBQ (or in fact just keeping it on hand in the kitchen for general family mess) you can pick it up in all leading supermarkets as well as independent retailers priced £2.50 (RRP).

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