Rubis Elephant Baby & Kid Scissors

I will never forget the fear of trying to deal with my baby’s finger nails . . . the worry that they would wriggle while you were trimming them and you’d end up snipping skin.  I know lots of parents tend to just bite their baby’s soft (yet surprisingly sharp) finger nails but I’ve never been much of a nail biter myself and just couldn’t bring myself to do it.  Mostly we would just use a nail file in gentle downward strokes and this tended to be enough to keep the nails shorter and remove any rough edges.

Of course now the three of them will sit pretty still to have their nails cut, though I think it’s fair to say they’d just as happily avoid having them cut in the first place.  (I remember hating the feel of freshly cut nails as a child!)

The rounded tips of Rubis Baby Scissors eliminate the risk of nipping skin while trimming nails, yet are able to deliver a precise cut thanks to the slightly curved, hand-sharpened blades.  Your child’s nails can be trimmed neatly and smoothly without any sign of breaking, splitting or squeezing . . . which sounds like the perfect baby manicure if you ask me!

I must admit that my favourite thing about the Rubis Baby Scissors is the cute little elephant pouch which keeps the scissors safe and clean but is also really fun!

Rubis Baby & Kids Scissors I


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