Russell the Dream Sheepdog – Review

Man’s best friend?

Chloe has a new friend!  Russell the Dream Sheepdog, came to live at our house a few weeks ago now.  It was love and first sight.  Miss Chlo carried Russell everywhere . . . including on the school run!

Russell’s mission in life is to be the “ultimate bedtime companion for toddlers“.  Aside from his cute, fluffy appearance Russell also features a soft coloured light in his tummy to act as a gentle, comforting night light when needed.  The light is activated with a simple press of the paw and it moves slowly through a range of calming shades before turning itself off again.  Chloe thinks this is fabulous.

Russell night light
Colour changing

Russell also has another feature . . . one which has the potential to be amazing, but one which also has the potential to be utterly annoying!!  Russell has his very own voice recorder meaning that you can record a message or story for your little one.  This particular quality immediately makes me think of families where perhaps one parent works away a lot or grandparents who might like to record themselves reading a story – what a great idea for your child to be able to hear a loved one’s voice whenever they feel the need.  However . . . the downside of this voice recorder is that you can’t control the fact your child might choose to set it off in the middle of the night.  This might not seem much of an issue for most but, as Ben and Chloe currently share a room, the last thing I want is for Ben (or Dave & I) to be disturbed by our own voices on repeat from a fluffy sheepdog . . .

Having decided not to use the voice recorder we discovered that it’s actually not possible to isolate it, only alter the volume – Russell is turned on or off and of course if he’s turned off you also lose the lovely light. To overcome this we recorded silence. Yes I know. It does the trick though!  As we decided not to make use of the voice recorder from the off Chloe doesn’t miss this feature. [Edit: Ok so I wrote that last night, then when I went to record Chloe talking about Russell this evening discovered that not only does she know you can make him talk but Ben has recorded his own special rustling sound . . . ]

As with most toys of this sort Russell’s batteries are stored in a velcro pocket in his bottom.  We have found the battery pack does tend to fall out a bit however this might be definitely is something to do with an inquisitive older brother!  Being battery powered, Russell the Dream Sheepdog isn’t keen on baths either (which is a shame as I do love to bung the cuddlies in the washing machine with reasonable regularity!)

Russell the Dream Sheepdog
You might be able to tell that Chlo was only pretending to sleep!

Despite a few minor niggles on my part, Russell is a big hit in our house.  He has become a permanent fixture in Chloe’s bed alongside Mr Mouse, Peter Rabbit and Benjamin Bunny!  He’s the perfect next step for little ones who have loved Ewan the Dream Sheep or who just need that little bit of extra security at night.

We're going on an adventure

*Disclaimer – We were sent Russell the Dream Sheepdog free of charge for the purpose of review however all thoughts remain my own (or Chloe’s!) *

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38 thoughts on “Russell the Dream Sheepdog – Review

  1. I saw these at the baby show back in the spring & I definitely fell in love with him but I think I need to wait a bit as I'll have to have 2 I need the price to drop a little!!!
    Thanks for hosting x

  2. Oh so glad to see you love Russell like we do. Missy Moo is so in love with hers. I even had to youtube her because she wouldn't put the poor pup down for days dragging it all over the house. Great review colette. The voice recorder has annoyed me too. I wish that it could record more than one thing ours just stays off! lol Its a good enough cuddle toy. lol hahah My voice isn't something I like to hear. 🙂 Thanks for hosting.

  3. This is really nice! My smallest son is a bit afraid of the dark, so I'm wondering if this would be something to buy him and he's sister. 😀
    Really nice review, and I love how you didn't know he could record! haha <3 x

  4. What a cute toy. When son1 was a baby, he had a rattle with voice recording, but of course he didn't sleep with it, so I had never thought about the potentially annoying aspects. I used to sing a nursery rhyme on it and frequently rerecorded a different rhyme #TriedTested

  5. Oh what a great idea! My toddler would absolutely adore this, shame you couldn't function the light alone and not without the recording playing but good thinking to record silence. 🙂 #TriedTested

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