Sands Alive Cake Shop – Review

Have you come across Sands Alive yet?  It’s the most bizarre substance – super-soft, non-toxic sand which is infinitely mould-able and clears up easily . . . it’s almost across between normal sand and play-doh but softer, and less messy.  Ben got a really small tub for Christmas which he enjoyed messing about with but the Sands Alive Cake Shop is our first proper foray into playing with this special sand.

Sands Alive Cake Shop

The Sands Alive Cake Shop from John Adams is available exclusively in Argos and retails at just shy of £20.

Both girls were keen to get stuck in and make a start on their cakes!  There’s no instructions needed – just mould and go basically!

Sands Alive / kinetic sand

texture of Sands Alive kinetic sand

Sands Alive Cake Shop cake moulds

sands alive - fastening the cake mould togther

Sands Alive Cake Shop - almost good enough to eat!

Sisters playing with Sands Alive Cake Shop

Sands Alive - patterns with rolling pin

What we loved about it:

* It’s super soft and feels lovely in your hands
* It moulds really well – showing up intricate details from the cake moulds
* It’s all-natural materials so there shouldn’t be any reason for it to irritate the skin
* It doesn’t dry out – there’s no need for fancy storage containers
* The cake moulds and rolling pins are really easy for little hands to use
* It’s really easy to clean up – it picks up really easily and anything left will just sweep or hoover up, this stuff isn’t going to get trodden into your shag pile!

What we’re not so keen on:

* If you’re one of these that doesn’t like to have the play-doh colours mixed then this isn’t for you, after your first couple of cakes then the pink and white sand are just one big blob which didn’t offend my girls in the slightest but I can imagine it might set some people’s teeth on edge
* The price point is fairly high to my mind when you can make / buy Play Doh for a lot less, but for the novelty factor and the fact it’s easy to clean up maybe its worth it?
* Oh and you can’t eat it, no matter how tasty it looks!

All in, these two are big fans and are keen to get it out again for another play!

*We were sent the Sands Alive Cake Shop free of charge for the purpose of review*

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  1. Isabel
    March 21, 2017 / 6:31 pm

    I think my niece would love this, we’re very much a cake loving family (haha) and we love playing with sand. Might stick this on the birthday girl list for her. 🙂

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