SkyParkSecure Airport Parking at Gatwick – Review

It’s fair to say I don’t travel as much as I would like to, not abroad at any rate.  I can probably count on both hands the number of times I’ve flown in my life time so airport parking isn’t something I think about all that often.  I’ve always thought it was really expensive and something to be avoided if I’m honest however when we realised we would need to fly from Gatwick for our recent trip to Venice, airport parking was suddenly high on my agenda.

Because we were flying “out of season” we couldn’t fly from Manchester.  For a combination of convenience and economic reasons we decided that driving to Gatwick would make more sense than getting the train this time.  Our flight was first thing in the morning so we had to leave home around 2am and as we were only away for a few nights we wanted to ensure that we made everything as quick and painless as possible to maximise our time on away.

SkyParkSecure don’t own or operate any of the car parks the sell, they work as a booking agent in a similar way to a site like operates in the hotel market meaning you can jump on the website and compare your options and pricing really easily.

Compare airport parking through SkyParkSecure

SkyParkSecure has a direct relationship with all of the 300+ UK airport car parks meaning you should always find the car park to suit your needs – be it official airport, meet & greet services or the more economical park & rides.  The independent review system on SkyParkSecure means there’s plenty of reviews to compare and rest assured if a car park falls below a set standard, SkyParkSecure will issue them with a warning before swiftly removing them if things don’t improve.  This means you’re not only being offered the best prices but you can rest assured the service will up to scratch too.

Previously Dave & I have always plumped for a park & ride service when we’ve flown from Manchester but as I said, this time we wanted to concentrate on making our trip as stress free as possible and, with an early flight anything that meant we could get a bit longer in bed was going to be a winner!

The Ace Meet & Greet service meant we could just drive our car to a specified car park at Gatwick, hand over the keys and be on our way!  The whole process took no time at all – just a simple phone call to confirm our arrival time twenty minutes beforehand meant there was someone there ready and waiting for us despite the fact we had arrived at Gatwick a full 45 minutes earlier than we had expected to due skipping the planned toilet stop and the roads being exceptionally quiet.

We signed the paperwork, handed over the keys and were given a ticket to keep safe for when we returned for the car.  The gentleman who served us was warm, friendly and efficient (which I think can take some effort pre 6am!), I noticed as we were leaving that he was taking photos of any pre-existing damage on the car which was reassuring (especially as we’d actually hired it for the weekend!).

A weekend in Venice

On return to Gatwick our flight landed quite early but this wasn’t a problem, a quick phone call to Ace to let them know we were through passport control and had collected our luggage meant that by the time we had made our way back to the designated car park, we only had to wait a few minutes for our car to be returned to us.  Again the handover process was really quick, by the time we’d all got our bags in the boot – Dave had handed over the card and we had our keys back and were ready to get on the road.

I was surprised to find that the total cost of our Ace Meet & Greet service through SkyParkSecure was just £50 – and for the ease and convenience it offered I would say it was well worth the money, especially as my sister said we’d paid £47 for over night parking at Leeds Bradford in the summer!  Next time I need airport parking I’ll definitely be heading to SkyParkSecure first to make sure I get the best deal and the best service without having to hunt around myself!

*SkyParkSecure provided us with our airport parking at Gatwick free of charge for the purposes of review however all thoughts and opinions remain my own*

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