Slumber-Roo Beco Soleil V2 Carrier – Review

I’ve used a Close carrier for a long time – with Ben, Chloe and then Amy but found that although you could carry them as older babies / toddlers it was a bit of a pain as the sling tended to work lose as you were walking.  I’d been hankering over something more structured for a while, something which would spread the weight more evenly and stay where I put it.  Having suffered quite a bit with my back I also liked the idea of the weight being more on my hips.

Enter the Beco Soleil (Version 2) . . .

We have been using the carrier for a couple of months now and let me just put this out there – WE LOVE IT!  Not just me, Dave loves it too!  I’m not ashamed to admit there has even been the odd squabble over who gets to wear Amy!

Mummy wearing Beco Soleil
Mummy’s turn

The first time I put the Beco Soleil carrier on I didn’t actually look at the instructions (not that I’m suggesting you fly by the seat of your pants of course) but it was just so obvious and intuitive.

How to put on the Beco Soleil carrier:

Despite Dave being slightly out of the upper height range at 6ft 5 he is able to wear it comfortably – the first time he wore it he described it as “remarkably comfortable” and said he could have worn it all day.  Indeed we have both worn it for up to a couple of hours with no discomfort.  The only slight issue is that you, and baby, can end up feeling a bit warm if you’re wearing it on a hot day – this is not a fault of the carrier so much as just what would happen anyway if you were to sit and hold your baby close for a long time!

Daddy baby wearing
Daddy’s turn to wear Amy!

At the moment we still carry Amy in the front carry for the most part – I like to be able to see her and if I’m honest I’m worried if I carry her on my back she’ll pull my hair!  I do intend to start to carry her in the side carry soon.  Dave tried out the back carry in the interests of research last weekend and said it was really comfortable.  We thought she looked like a little tree frog! It’s basically like carrying a rucksack and whilst she seemed happy enough we both said we didn’t like that she couldn’t easily be seen – I think we’ll leave the back carry till she’s a bit older.

And Amy? She regularly falls asleep in the carrier which I would suggest gives it her seal of approval!  She never complains when we put her in it and rarely fidgets to get back out.  She can see what’s going on or snuggle in if she wants a snooze.  I’m pretty confident in saying she loves it as much as we do!

Beco Soleil

What we love about the Beco Soleil V2:

* The hood
* The fact its easy to pull tight on the straps]
* I’m not slim but there’s still plenty of room on the straps for someone bigger to wear it.
* The pocket on the front is so useful for keys, mobile and a few quid!
* The wide waistband really spreads the weight evenly across the hips – there is no strain on your back at all
* Toy tabs – such a useful addition
* The carrier itself is really light (just 1.5lb)
* The weight range is huge – from 7lbs to 45lbs . . . I could feasibly carry Ben in it (not that I actually would of course)
* The carrier feels really secure when you’re wearing it – it stays put, nothing loosens during wear
* It’s super flexible – front, hip and back carry positions with no extra bits required
* The “safety” buckles – they’re awkward till you get used to them but then reassuringly tricky to open
* It looks smart (and just as good on Dad)
* The cross straps across the back make a big difference to how secure and comfortable the carrier feels

What we’re not so keen on: 

*Absolutely nothing. I just wish I’d had it 5 years ago!!

I wonder if Father Christmas might bring Chloe a matching one – I love that the Beco Mini has matching fabrics and everything to be just like Mummy (or Daddy!)

*We were sent the Beco Soleil carrier free of charge for the purposes of review however all thoughts and opinions are our own*

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40 thoughts on “Slumber-Roo Beco Soleil V2 Carrier – Review

  1. I love the look of this, and the hood looks great. We have an Ergo & a rose and rebellion which I love, but the hoods on them don't look as good as this does… One to add to my want list!

  2. This looks great and Amy seems very happy in it. I love that is has the pocket at the front and the pattern is lovely. We've been trying out the Ergo and I'd be lost without it now, I wondered what we did before having a baby carrier! We are after another one so will have to look into these xx #triedtested

  3. I am like you this sounds AMAZING Colette. I wish I had one of these with both of my two. Three years ago. Probably could still use for MM for a bit too. Great item and great review. It's good to be back in the UK after our summer in america. I can join in again. I have a few this week and few next week. I hope this is ok? 😉 Miss yall. Great posting! Thanks for hosting my lovely.

  4. I've not worn either son but am seriously contemplating doing so with Finley. This looks much comfier than some others I've seen (for both parent and child!) #triedtested

  5. She looks really comfortable 🙂
    I tried using a carrier briefly when I had my youngest but my little boy just kept wanting to be picked up and carried then too, and that's not something mummy with a very dodgy back could manage!

  6. Is it wrong that I'm secretly pleased mine are all too big to be carried around like this any more? I bet it wouldn't have been so uncomfortable if I had a lovely carrier like this though! #TriedTested

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