Stable Gate Brewers Fayre, Denton – Review

We do love a good family meal out as a bit of a treat.  The kids are quite used to eating out and it’s definitely becoming easier as they get older.  We have our old favourites, the places we go back to regularly but of course it’s nice to try something new every now and again.  Today we made our way a couple of junctions down the M60 to Stable Gate Brewers Fayre, Denton.  This particular branch of Brewers Fayre is right off junction 24 of the M60 and is attached to Premier Inn Denton.  Whilst you can pretty much see it from the motorway it is a bit of a faff to get to as you have to sort of come off the main road and turn back on yourself.

Stable Gate, Brewer's Fayre - Denton

The Premier Inn is having an extension built at the moment and Stable Gate Brewer’s Fayre is also having a bit of work done so you really felt as if you were turning onto a building site.  There were plenty of sign posts up to let you know that everything was open as normal though.  As we arrived at Bewer’s Fayre we were disappointed to realise that the children’s play area was closed whilst they have the “Beano update” which we have seen at another restaurant previously.  This was a real shame as if we’d realised we’d have probably arranged to visit another time.  (As it was, we saw a number of families take the decision to go elsewhere when they realised the play area wasn’t open).  Luckily Ben, Chloe and Amy hadn’t been aware of the possibility of a play area before we arrived so they weren’t too disappointed.  Another significant downside of the play area being upgraded this weekend was the noise level.  We were sat on a lovely big table in what would normally be a nice bright dining room but today it was just noisy.  Luckily the building noise wasn’t continuous and we were able to eat much of our meal without a cacophony of banging and drilling however it did mean that the atmosphere in the venue was considerably less relaxed that we would have liked.

So aside from issues which were out of staff’s control . . . here’s what we thought of our lunch at Stable Gate Brewer’s Fayre, Denton:

What is the children’s menu like at Brewer’s Fayre?

The children’s menu is super easy to follow with clear bright photographs meaning that even Amy was able to choose what she wanted to eat.  We wouldn’t normally have starters but in the interests of giving the menu a thorough testing we decided to order the kids “Gn-achos & Salsa” and “Vegetable sticks & dips”.  All three children decided to go for “The Big Bad Dog” – Ben and Chloe have both ordered hot dogs the last few times they’ve seen them on the menu when we’ve eaten out so they’re usually quite a safe option.  Ben was pleased to see that the hot dogs also came with corn on the cob which is one of his favourites!

Dave and I made quite quick choices from the main menu – I had it in my head that I fancied a pie so as soon as I saw the Chicken & Ham Pie on offer that was my decision made.  I didn’t even really look at the rest of the menu, safe to say it was pretty much what you’d expect from this type of establishment.  Dave opted for the Mixed Grill.

Whilst we were waiting for the food to arrive, the children were brought some colouring sheets and crayons.  The lady serving us apologised that she only had left over Christmas activities to offer them as the usual activity packs were out of stock.  Obviously the kids couldn’t have cared less and just got on with it!  (The big two later completed a Christmas themed crossword with the help of Daddy which kept them busy!)

The children’s starters came pretty quickly and they tucked in.  I can’t say the nachos looked overly appetising but that didn’t stop the three of them clearing the lot!  They also had a good go at the vegetable sticks which I’m pleased to say were fresh and crunchy!

We didn’t have too long to wait after the starters were cleared before our mains were brought out.  I had thought that having already had a starter the kids might struggle to eat their lunch but no.  All three of them pretty much cleared their plates which I think says it was ok!  (Ben managed to eat all three corn on the cobs too!)

I’m pleased to say that my pie was a “proper” pie – a pie with a bottom so to speak.  It was really tasty and I was pleased to see the gravy was served separately – as a gravy hater there is nothing worse than finding out your dinner has been covered in meaty sauce!!  Dave’s Mixed Grill was fairly average with some elements better than others – the chicken was over cooked and although the waitress had asked how he wanted his steak cooked, it most certainly wasn’t “medium” when it arrived.  He did say however that the gammon was tasty.

Again all three children opted for the same desert, going for the little donuts which they loved!  Dave chose the Oreo Cookie Pie which he enjoyed (though I personally wasn’t keen on the butterscotch sauce).  I went for a fairly standard chocolate sundae which had somewhat over sold itself by describing it as “indulgent”.  I’ve definitely had better for nearly £5!

Overall our experience was “fine” as my Mum would say.  There was nothing major to complain about and nothing particularly to celebrate.  We wouldn’t rush back but equally it’s an easy option for eating out with kids without a spending a fortune.

*We received a voucher to cover the majority of the cost of our meal for the purposes of our review however all thoughts and opinions remain our own*

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  1. January 23, 2016 / 10:32 pm

    We really liked the kids menu at Brewers Fayre. I love the ones with soft play and that for us is the selling point. Without the soft play… hmm.

    • January 25, 2016 / 7:49 pm

      Yes I do think the experience would have been much nicer with a play area to enjoy – we'd have been far more relaxed 😀

  2. January 24, 2016 / 8:35 pm

    We quite enjoy taking the children to Brewers Fayre, the menu is good value and it feels very much like a family restaurant

    • January 25, 2016 / 7:49 pm

      Yes I agree, the menu is definitely good value and we certainly felt welcome as a family.

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