Sugar and Crumbs Review

I was thrilled to receive a lovely package of goodies from Sugar and Crumbs – they make flavoured icing sugars and cocoas – what a great idea!

The first thing that came to mind for trying the icing sugars was to make “butterfly buns” – Grandma used to make them for us when we were little and my own Mum recently made them for Ben and Chloe.  I thought the flavoured icing sugar would add a great twist to the buttercream and the kids would love them!

Usually I do my baking with the kids but this time I decided to do a bit of baking while Ben and Chloe were out for the day – a nice treat for them to come home to!  I got all my ingredients ready and started out making a basic buttercream with the Turkish Delight flavoured icing sugar . . . you’d think this would be really simple but it just all went wrong!  I think the kitchen was too cold so although the butter had been out all night it just wouldn’t beat to a completely smooth consistency.  Despite the lumps it tasted lovely! It ended up too thin to be used as a buttercream for butterfly buns – I had thought I could drizzle it over my buns instead but it all separated . . . Turns out making buttercream isn’t as easy as I thought it was!  I think I need a warmer kitchen and a mixer!!  I’m going to try again at Mum’s when I can borrow her mixer I think!

Baking with Sugar and Crumbs Having given up on attempting to make buttercream by hand I decided to have a crack at making some buns instead with the Chocolate Orange flavoured cocoa.  This was much more successful! I substituted a quarter of the flour in a basic bun recipe for the cocoa and got to work!
My kitchen smelt amazing whilst they were cooking and I have to admit to scoffing one two as soon as they came out of the oven! I couldn’t resist!  They tasted just as good as they smelt – just enough orangey flavour.  I think next time I’ll decorate them with a little jelly orange or some melted chocolate orange!  Ben and Chloe loved the buns too and they didn’t last more than a day or so!

I’m definitely keen to try out more of the flavoured cocoas – Chocolate Cherry is definitely top of my hit list!

*Disclaimer – I was sent a range of Sugar and Crumbs products free of charge for the purpose of review but all thoughts and opinions are my own*

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  1. Kirsty Mills
    May 3, 2014 / 9:11 pm

    Turkish Delight flavoured icing sugar sounds amazing.

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