Learning Personal Survival Skills During Swim Academy Pyjama Week

Each term, Puddle Ducks hold a Pyjama Week – and whilst getting in the pool in your PJs is a bit of a giggle and the lessons are all great fun this is also for a much more significant reason.

What is Pyjama Week important?

If you or your child were to accidentally fall in the pool or any other body of water for that matter, the chances are you are not going to be fully prepared – wearing your swimming costume, hat and goggles.  No, it’s far more likely that you will indeed be fully clothed and believe me this is a whole different ball game.  Being fully clothed in water is a strange experience and one which makes swimming very difficult – your clothes weigh you down, they make it harder to move through the water.  By swimming in our pyjamas several times a year, we are normalising this for our children hopefully removing some of the unfamiliarity should they ever find themselves in water unexpectedly.  Teaching them to swim in their clothes as part of a fun and familiar swimming lesson gives them a head start should the worst happen.

Now that Amy is in Swim Academy things have stepped up a gear and in our most recent Pyjama Week she was also taught skills to help her rescue someone else who is in trouble in the water.  Namely don’t get in yourself but go find help.  She was taught how to lie on her tummy and reach a long object (in this case a woggle but in real life more likely a rope or stick) out to the person in distress to give them something to hold on to.

The rest of the lesson focused on vital life saving skills such as being able to float, to jump in and turn immediately to reach for the side (or safety!), treading water and also how to swim normally in clothes without the hat and goggles she is used to her in Swim Academy lessons.

Puddle Ducks Swim Academy Pyjama Week - Swimming on woggles
Puddle Ducks Swim Academy Pyjama Week - swimming in PJs personal survival skills
Puddle Ducks Swim Academy Pyjama Week
Puddle Ducks Swim Academy Pyjama Week jumping in
Puddle Ducks Swim Academy Pyjama Week reaching for the side
Puddle Ducks Swim Academy Pyjama Week - learning to float

As you can see, Amy thought the whole experience was great fun but, sitting on the side, it was clear that everything Amy was being taught might just save her life in an emergency.  Although the focus of Pyjama Week is specifically on teaching personal survival skills, water safety is a significant feature of any Puddle Ducks or Swim Academy lesson and let’s face it, the main reason most of us send our children for swimming lessons.  Amy is constantly being taught things like reaching for the side, how to tread water or to roll onto her back and float – I’m not convinced Ben and Chloe have ever been taught anything like this in their local council lessons where the focus is . . . well actually I don’t know what the focus is but I guess that’s the point.  When I watch Amy in her Swim Academy lessons I can see exactly why she’s being taught everything she does – be it for personal survival or as a next step towards learning a common swimming stroke like breast stroke or even butterfly (Ben couldn’t believe Amy has already started to learn butterfly at 4 having only recently started to do it himself!)

Pyjama Week is just another reason that we flipping love Amy’s Swim Academy lessons with Puddle Ducks!

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*Amy swims with Puddle Ducks Greater Manchester free of charge for the purposes of review however all thoughts and opinions and remain our own*

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