The hospital stay (a post birth story!)

My last post about Amy’s birth (And so she arrives) left me having just gone up onto the ward in time for a visit from my Mum and Dad.

Once Mum and Dad had left we sent a few messages and announced Amy’s birth to the world.  I had my tea (still on rations and only allowed a sandwich – pah) and then waited for my Dad and little sister to arrive.

With my previous sections they had me up and out of bed after visiting, catheter out, in the shower and taking my dressings off . . . this time I was relieved to find that they were actually going to let me stay in bed – protocol had changed and I was allowed to stay in bed till the following morning.  This made the night much easier – not having to get out of bed to hobble myself off to the toilet was one less thing to worry about and meant I was much more comfortable!

One of the things I found hardest immediately after birth with Ben and Chloe was lifting them in and out of their crib next to my bed – the action of twisting and lifting at that stage after having what is essentially major abdominal surgery is hell on earth.  This time I was lucky enough to have borrowed a Snugglebundl from a friend – what a revelation that was! I was able to lift Amy out of bed and put her back in again without doing more than sitting up (with the help of my bed and it’s magical control pad) – I didn’t have to call for help from a midwife once. It was amazing.

Amy’s first night wasn’t too bad – she fed well and at about 2am my lovely midwife came and took her from me so I could sleep. I got about 4 hours in the end. (I was also lucky that there was only me and one other Mum in our room so it was one of the quietest stays in hospital I’ve had!)  The next morning I was up and in the shower at the crack of dawn – the relief of a good hot shower and scrub was huge.  (The drugs from my operation make me itch like crazy – that combined with sweaty plastic sheets in hospital beds and it’s pretty grim).  

Thursday passed in a blur of feeding Amy, having my blood pressure taken and general hospital stuff.  (I was pretty pleased with the McDonalds breakfast Dave brought me!)

Mum brought Ben and Chloe to visit in the afternoon – I made sure Amy was asleep in her crib when they arrived so that I could make a big fuss of them both. After a quick cuddle they quickly noticed her and rushed around to see – they were very excited.  Mum had taught Chloe to say “congratulations” which was really cute. They were really well behaved and were both thrilled with their presents that Amy had brought but I was glad when they hour was up – they had worn me out!  

I didn’t really take any extra pain relief on Wednesday, I think I was still really topped up with stuff from the operation.  Thursday I was taking paracetamol and ibuprofen but realised the ibuprofen was niggling my asthma so mentioned this to the midwife thinking they’d give me something else instead – nope I had just caused myself to be reduced to paracetamol only! I’d have kept my mouth shut if I’d realised! By Thursday night I was really struggling (a combination of pain from the surgery and 3rd time after pains – they really do get worse every time!) and asked several times for more medication – I was given a dose of codeine but told I couldn’t have any more of it as I was breastfeeding. In fairness I don’t really like codeine, it doesn’t agree with me and makes me sleepy which isn’t great when you’ve got a newborn keeping you up!  When Dave arrived on Friday morning I had just seen the Dr who had agreed I could have some diclofenac and I was thrilled – eventually the midwife came back and said that in fact I couldn’t but she would give me some oramorph (which I didn’t really want).  I had diclofenac with the other two but it is apparently no longer prescribed due to some sort of cardiac risk – this has left a big gap in pain relief for breastfeeding mothers . . .

We spent the rest of the day trying to get discharged – I lied through my teeth that I felt I could manage with just paracetamol at home and we were eventually allowed to escape at tea time. Finally time to go home and get on with recovering and getting used to our new family life!


  1. Oh So Gawjess
    November 30, 2013 / 2:22 pm

    What a sweet story, that gadget sounds amazing!


  2. December 3, 2013 / 9:30 pm

    Aww how cute is Amy and your other children to. I have a lovely 8 year old niece who I adore.

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