The Little Things She Says

I’ve written a lot over the last half term about how Miss Chlo has grown up and changed and I just wanted to take a chance to record a couple of the very cute things she has said before they slip from my memory.

* I love that when I pick her up from play school or Ange’s she say runs to me excitedly shouting: “Missed you all day!” 

* She has the most impeccable manners and when I’m telling her about things we’re going to do – for example going to play school, if she doesn’t want to do it she just says “No thank you Mum” – which is so much harder to argue with than the standard toddler shouting of “NO!” 
* Little Miss Independent likes to try and put her own clothes on now and will often be heard to utter “Me do it myself” eventually she will relent and allow me to help her but I love watching her try!
* She has recently become much more attached to Mr Mouse and likes to carry him around – it used to be that he just waited in bed but now he often comes downstairs or occasionally into the car (I try not to let him go far for fear of him being lost) and I’m often being told “You hold my mouse”

* We had a cheeky chippie tea one night last week and Chloe kept picking up chips and telling us that they were “normous” which seemed such a grown up word for her to have chosen!

* Right up until this weekend she has been calling Erin “Rain” which has been fully adorable and I’m more than a little gutted that yesterday she started to call her Erin!

* Just this weekend she has added “No problem!” to her repetoire – when Neil thanked her for having him yesterday she replied “No problem” – which really was very cute! 

I am taking immense pleasure in watching my little girl learning to speak!


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