The one where Chloe got Chicken Pox

Day 1

Thursday morning and it’s the usual mad dash to get everyone up and out to childcare so I can be at work on time. Chloe comes to me when I’m in the shower and tells me it’s hurting under her tongue.  She has a small white patch which I think is probably an ulcer and tell her I’ll put some cream on it before we go out but that she should go get dressed.  Just as I’m brushing everyone’s hair and we’re about ready to leave, Chloe tells me her back is itchy.  I lift her t shirt and swear under my breath.  “No school for you today Poppet, you’ve got Chicken Pox”.  I quickly ring the supply agency to let them know I can’t go to work today (the downside of supply is that I’ve now just lost a day’s pay).  We drop the other two off at childcare and head to Tesco for supplies.  They’ve only got basic Calamine Lotion but it will do for now.  We get home and I cover her in lotion before she puts her PJs on and curls up on the sofa to watch a film – I think NOW TV could be a lifesaver over the next few days! 

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Day 2 

It hits her hard today and the hours between doses of Calpol or antihistmine are too long.  The spots keep coming and she’s mainly complaining that it’s hurting rather than itching.  After spending yesterday fairly content on the sofa, today she doesn’t really know what to do with herself.  She has no patience for the other two but who can blame her when Ben is calling her spotty and Amy’s idea of being nice to her involves climbing on her for cuddles and chucking toys at her!  We suspend the “no tech upstairs” rule whilst she’s poorly so she can go to bed with her tablet and watch a film.  We try an oat bath before bedtime which she loves and calls a “magic bath”.  She is her normal self whilst in the bath – chatting and playing happily but very quickly goes downhill again shortly after getting out.  She is struggling to wee and says it hurts.  I’m conscious that she hasn’t been to the toilet all day so dehydration is a risk.  We give her an ice pop before bed.  Bedtime is hard.  She has had all the medicine we can give her but she’s still in pain.  It takes a long time to get to sleep and I lose count of the number of times we go into her between 8pm and midnight.  We reach a point where she’s basically crying in her sleep and there isn’t much we can do.  We use some more Virasoothe and she falls asleep as we’re doing it.  She’s finally settled and sleeps through the night. 

Day 3

She is very miserable this morning and doesn’t want to eat her breakfast.  We focus on trying to get as much liquid into her as possible.  I offer her a “magic bath” which perks her up.  She spends half an hour playing in there before I leave for Leeds.  Through the day she’s much brighter though still tired and lacking in appetite.  Aunty Nic sends her a special care package which cheers her up no end.  After an oat bath she settles to sleep much easier. 

Day 4 

After a bit of a late night watching telly she settled much quicker and slept through till 8.45am before waking with a smile.  There’s no new spots today and she hasn’t complained of any itching, just minimal pain.  The worst seems to be over.  She doesn’t really have any medication today and is happy to play outside and chatter.  We give her a bicarb bath to try dry everything out a bit faster.  The need for soothing oats seems to have passed.  She complains about the spots around her mouth and under her tongue at meal times – understandably cherry tomatoes aren’t really a win.  She can’t go back to school tomorrow as she’s not completely dried up nor past the recommended 5 days but it’s a relief to see her more her normal self. 

In the end Chloe could have gone back to school on Day 7 – but with her Nana’s wedding the following day her teacher suggested she was better just waiting till after that to go back.  It’s now Day 11 and only the most stubborn of spots remain – I fear these may be the ones which scar.  The ones in her hair have been losing their scabs as we brush it despite our attempts to be gentle.  It’s now just a waiting game on Amy getting it really – we’ve spoken to her about this as though it’s inevitable and she says “It my turn get spots now?”  She just wants a care package from her Aunty Nic I think!

For now, I’m just glad to have my happy Chloe back! 



  1. March 20, 2016 / 9:40 pm

    Chicken Pox usually strikes over Christmas and Easter – I always consider children who get to go back in time for the last week of term and all the fun stuff lucky!! 😀

  2. March 22, 2016 / 7:17 am

    I'm glad Chloe's recovered – I guess it's just a waiting game for Amy now isn't it? Has Ben already had the pox then? There have been a few cases at Toby's nursery recently so I wonder if he'll get it soon?!

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