The Sticker Club – Review

Show me a kid that doesn’t like getting their own post and I’ll show you a hen with teeth.  So when I was introduced to the idea of a subscription service sending Ben weekly sticker supplies by post I was keen to give it a go!

The Sticker Club, founded by two dads, launched earlier this month and promises to send 9 sheets of high quality fabulously designed stickers every week with the added guarantee of never sending the same sticker twice!

What I love most about the service is the fact that Ben is getting personally addressed post every week – I remember how exciting it was to get post as a kid and it was a rare treat then – it’s even rarer now in this day and age (Yes I really did just write that and feel like a right old lady now).  The only time Ben really gets post that’s personally addressed to him is on his birthday.

When he got home from school tonight he saw the bright yellow envelope sat on the side and asked excitedly “Is this for me?”  I said I wasn’t sure and he would need to see who it was addressed to.

Safe to say he’s enjoying getting his very own post!

He was quick to get the envelope open and start riffling through this week’s offering – he was particularly excited to see robots!  The stickers are created by hand picked illustrators and graphic designers to offer a range of styles and themes – I really like the fact they are not “known” characters if that makes sense?  It allows Ben to have the freedom to let his imagination run riot when he’s using his stickers.


I asked Ben what he thought about getting stickers in the post and he said he thought it was “really cool”.

A subscription currently costs £1.99 a week and whilst it is automatically renewed each week you can cancel at any time.  I think I’d be hard pushed to justify the best part of £10 a month on stickers and would really like the option to order fortnightly or even monthly.  I think the novelty would wear off quickly with a weekly delivery (either that or my whole house will be covered in stickers!) whereas fortnightly or monthly gives them more time to be used up.

You can gift a subscription which I think is a fabulous idea – something a little bit different and suitably frivolous – which I think all the best gifts are!

If you’d like to find out more about The Sticker Club you can stalk them here:






*Disclaimer – We have been gifted a subscription to The Sticker Club for the purposes of this review however all thoughts and opinions are my own*

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