Trunki Yondi Travel Pillow – Review

As a family we do spend quite a bit of time in the car – neither side of our families lives locally so our children are more than used to car journeys of an hour or more.  Up until January we couldn’t all fit in the same car and had to take two cars everywhere – this was expensive and lonely for us as drivers!  Now that Ben is big enough to travel using just a booster seat we are able to fit all three of them across the back.  It’s a bit of a squash and isn’t ideal but it does make life a bit easier for us.  Roll on being able to afford a larger family car that we can all be a bit more comfortable in.

Amy and Chloe still fall asleep regularly in the car so when I first discovered the Trunki Yondi Travel Pillow I thought Chloe would love it.  The Trunki Yondi Panda is designed for age 5+ yet I was surprised to find it doesn’t really fasten comfortably around Chloe’s neck.  She’s happy to wear it, for it to sit around her neck so she can rest her head on it but it doesn’t fasten on her.  Ben, who is two years older, can wear it comfortably with the magnet fastenings connected under his chin.

Surprisingly Chloe isn’t that keen on the Trunki Yondi – I think in part because she has a tendency to catch her long hair in it when she puts it on herself and also because she doesn’t seem to find it all that comfortable within the confines of her current car seat – that said she wasn’t all that impressed when I said Ben could try it out!

Ben testing Trunki Yondi in the car

Ben rarely falls asleep in the car now, preferring to chatter incessantly!  If he does happen to nod off he’s usually pretty well supported by the car seats on either side of him but you can see it isn’t the most comfortable for him.  On Saturday when we were travelling to Filey to pick Dave up after the Great Yorkshire Bike Ride I could tell Ben was feeling pretty sleepy and offered him the Trunki Yondi.  I must admit I was surprised when he accepted as I didn’t think he would admit to being so tired.  Anyway, shortly after that all was silent in the back of the car and he was fast asleep.

Without the support of the other car seats to hold him up Ben flopped right over and slept on the car seat which terrified me!  I was so relieved when he stirred and sat himself up right again.  He was clearly very comfortable with the Trunki Yondi on but I definitely don’t want him to nod off just on his booster seat again like that!  We will be using a high backed booster for him when we go to France to give him a little more support when he’s travelling in my Mum’s car!

Trunki Travel Pillow - Ben sleeping in the car

The Trunki Yondi has certainly proved itself to be a win for in car snoozing in our house – I think I’d quite like one myself!

*We were sent the Trunki Yondi free of charge for the purpose of review however all thoughts and opinions remain our own*

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  1. June 11, 2015 / 9:08 pm

    LP has the lion one of these and she loves it. How cute does Ben look asleep!? x

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