Why Villa Holidays are Great for Young Families

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I’ve written so many times about why, as a family of five, we tend to gravitate towards self-catering accommodation – both for UK staycations or foreign holidays.  There’s a time and place for an all inclusive hotel set up, but today I wanted to share some of the reasons why we’re going to be looking at a villa holiday next summer.
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Why Villa Holidays are Great for Young Families

1.  Space

Booking a family villa holiday means you can have so much more space than you would traditionally have in a hotel – the children can have separate bedrooms (at least from us as parents, if not from each other if we book somewhere big enough) creating a real home from home.  Having separate bedrooms and living space of course means that parents (or indeed Grandparents if you’re going for a multi-generational holiday) are able to stay up long after the children have gone to bed.  There’s nothing worse than being stuck in a hotel room and having to go to bed at the same time as the kids.  Dave and I have spent many a night in hotels sat in bed watching films on our tablets with headphones in so as not to disturb sleeping children!

2. Privacy

Large hotels can sometimes feel a little overwhelming, be it at breakfast or sunbathing by the pool – there’s always other people there.  A villa holiday means you can really tuck yourselves away from the hustle and bustle of other people’s holidays if that’s what you choose.  There’s no rushing to get your favourite spot by the pool before breakfast or worrying about getting in the way when the housekeeping team come in (of course the downside of that is that you have to make your own bed!)

3. Flexibility

Booking a villa holiday for your young family means you don’t have to be bound by other people’s routines and structures – you can come and go as you please, eat in or eat out, laze by the pool all day or go on an adventure – your holiday is completely up to you.  On our last all inclusive holiday we found ourselves eating in at the hotel each day as it seemed wasteful to go out and spend money on a meal when our food was already paid for and provided for us – with a self-catering villa holiday you can pick and choose without feeling guilty that you’re wasting money!  It also means you don’t need to worry about whether the kids will eat what’s on the menu – you can provide them with whatever you fancy.

4. Value

Of course, like any family holiday, a villa holiday can be tailored to suit your budget – often a villa and hotel are comparable in price but the villa will offer you more space for your money and also allow you to manage your holiday budget more carefully as you can pick and choose when and where you eat out depending on what your plans are for the day or how much money you’ve got left!

Next year, a family villa holiday features highly on our wish list though we’ve yet to give our destination much thought – I think that will be something we turn our attention to in the new year when the gloom of January settles and we need something to look forward to.

Villa Finder offer over 1,000 in Bali, Phuket, Samui, Sri Lanka and Mauritius – perhaps not places that you would immediately consider for a family holiday, but what an adventure – just imagine booking a stay in a villa in Ubud!  I know that Kerrie took her children on a family trip to Bangkok this summer and Donna is currently planning her trip to Thailand for next year.

The personalised service that Villa Finder offers means that rather than just being a booking platform, the Travel Consultants can find the villas which best fit your family’s needs and once a booking is made, the Concierge team will ensure that the details are right – from airport pick ups to a special dinner or day tour, they will help you to organise whatever it is that will make sure your holiday is just what you are looking for.

What do you look for when you’re booking a villa holiday?


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