Writing to Father Christmas – A Winter Bucket List Update

2. Write letters to Father Christmas
Ben and I took the opportunity to sit down together on Saturday afternoon and write his letter to Father Christmas.  I have never seen this boy so focused on his writing! It certainly shows the effect of purpose and audience on motivation that’s for sure. We talked about the things he might like to ask for and wrote the letter together. I was immensely impressed by the improvement in his writing over the last term – he worked really hard to sound the words out and write them accurately.  He was concerned when he made mistakes but I told him it really wouldn’t matter as Father Christmas could see how hard he was trying and would be able to understand what he was asking for.  My proudest moment was when I asked Ben if he knew how to make the sound “sh” for shoes as it was tricky and needed two letters – he replied “Oh yes, its like in ‘she’ isn’t it? S, h” – the teacher in me was virtually singing with pride.
Apparently we have to leave the letter out with the mince pies on Christmas Eve – not sure where that came from as we always posted ours when we were little but I’m happy to go with that if that’s how he thinks things work!

The photograph of his letter isn’t very clear but it says:

I would like Christmas shoes 
remote control helicopter
small Lego
I am good 
Love Ben

  1. See Father Christmas – 01.12.13 (Father Christmas at Tatton Park)
  2. Write letters to Father Christmas 14.12.13
  3. Go sledging – clearly weather dependant!
  4. Make snow angels
  5. Eat lots of pate – I’m working hard on this one and enjoying pate at least once a week ;o) 
  6. Make handmade Christmas cards – I’ve got lots of ideas on my Christmas pinterest board
  7. General Christmas craft – again plenty of ideas on pintrest ready and waiting for me to get started!
  8. Decorate the tree(s) together! – I’m looking forward to having the big tree out again this year as Chloe is older
  9. Eat mince pies – especially ones from Thomas the Baker in York – YUM! We’ve discovered Ben doesn’t like mince pies – all the more for Mummy!
  10. Visit Housing Units Christmas department.
  11. Enjoy lots of hot chocolate – 04.12.13 I had my first Costa Black Forest hot chocolate of the season this week (not that I wasn’t drinking hot chocolate most days anyway – Ben has got quite a taste for it too. 
  12. Choose new baubles to add to the collection
  13. Draw in the frost
  14. Watch Christmas films
  15. Visit the Manchester Christmas Markets to see the lights – 06.12.13 We actually went to the Christmas Markets in November and I’m not sure we’ll manage to go again with me still not driving however we did watch the lights being turned on locally which was lovely.
  16. Watch Chloe and Ben’s Christmas performances at Nursery and school.


  1. December 19, 2013 / 9:32 pm

    Great letter to Santa! I hope he gets what he has asked for x

  2. Kathleen Doran
    January 12, 2014 / 11:10 am

    I love Ben's letter…tell him we're very impressed! 🙂

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