Yay for the summer holidays!

Today I’m taking immense pleasure in the small things.  I heard Ben stir reasonably early on but had told myself there was no way were getting out of bed before 6.15am as that’s “standard work time” – as it was he played quietly in his room and let me doze till 7am! Yes you read that read I didn’t get out of bed till 7am – totally unheard of.  I went into the kids’ room to be greeted by Ben asking me “Are we all at home today Mummy?” I replied “Yes mate we are!” He gave me the most excited hug ever and then announced “We’re all having breakfast together” –  just that little exchange was just enough to remind me of exactly why I won’t be going back to work in September. The Summer Term has been hell on earth in more ways than one, we’ve done it, we survived but now it’s time to get on with our lives. So today that was a trip to the Post Office, the chemist and the park all the while chatting about the things we could see and what we might do with the rest of our day and to top it off the sun is shining and I’ve got two load of washing on the line. Bliss.


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