3 holiday packing mistakes you won’t want to make

Regardless of where you’re off on holiday to this summer, there’s one crucial task you’ll need to complete before you leave for the airport – packing your suitcase. While you don’t have to be a packing pro, it definitely helps if you’re aware of the mistakes you should be avoiding. So to ensure your next trip gets off to a good start, here are some luggage mishaps you won’t want to make.

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1. Going over your weight allowance

Nowadays, most airlines have strict weight allowance restrictions in place, and if you’re not careful to adhere to them, you may find that you’re forced to cough up a hefty sum. Even if you’re just slightly over the maximum weight, it’s highly likely you’ll be stung with an extra charge at the check-in desk. Instead of being caught out, it’s a good idea to weigh your bag before you head to the airport. This will give you time to reorganise your case if you’re over the limit. To weigh your case accurately, it’s useful to invest in a set of luggage scales. If you’re keen to really make the most of your weight allowance, you might want to think about purchasing a lightweight suitcase. This style of case provides you with the maximum packing capacity. Since the bag itself is so light, it barely takes up any of your weight allowance. You can find lightweight suitcases from Bags ETC and other online specialist websites.

2. Not checking the hand luggage size restrictions

Aside from packing your suitcase, you may also plan on taking a piece of hand luggage onto the plane with you. However, unless you stay within the airline’s size restrictions, you could find yourself in a sticky situation once you get to the airport. If your bag is too big, the company you’re flying with may request that you pay a (sometimes costly) fee to have it placed in the plane’s hold. So if you want to avoid this embarrassment and hassle, it pays to check out the size restrictions before you start packing. This type of information can usually be found on the airline’s website.

3. Leaving it to the last minute

Leaving your packing duties to the very last minute is a big no-no. Doing this will only leave you feeling stressed and it’s likely you’ll end up packing too much or forgetting something important. Instead, it pays to be organised. Ideally, you should start to pack a few days in advance of your upcoming trip. This gives you enough time to establish if you’re missing anything crucial, giving you the chance to make a last dash to the shops if needed. You may also find it useful to compile a list of the items you need to take. As you pack, you can tick off each holiday must-have until you’re happy that your suitcase is ready to go.

Keeping these packing mistakes in mind should help you make sure that your next holiday goes without a hitch.

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