Toddlebike2 – Review

Both Ben and Chloe have recently got new bikes – Ben as a result of hard saving and Chlo for her birthday. Of course Amy is desperate to be like her older siblings and wants a bike too!

Having seen Ben struggle to make the transition from stabilisers to independent cycling, we have been keen to avoid stabilisers with the girls. We bought Chlo a balance bike for her 3rd birthday but soon had to put it in the loft while we had building work done. It remains unused but I think it’s probably getting on for being the right size for Amy.


With impeccable timing I was contacted by Toddlebike who were keen for Amy to try out this lightweight, stable ride on. The Toddlebike2 is designed for ages 18 to 36 months and with Amy getting towards the upper end of the age range along with being quite tall, I was sure how suitable Toddlebike2 would be for us but Jo from Toddlebike assured me that she would be fine and that lots of older children continue to enjoy whizzing around on their Toddlebikes!  (This was quickly proven when Ben decided he’d quite like to have a ride around the house too!)

When the bike was delivered I was stunned by how small and light the parcel was, even more so when I opened it up to find a ready-to-ride bike.  Amy hopped straight on and whizzed around the living room – hurrah for laminate flooring!

Toddlebike2 is a great starting point to riding a bike, pitching itself as the step before a 2 wheeled balance bike.  The Toddlebike2 benefits from the additional stability that 4 narrow in-line wheels offers whilst allowing your child to develop all the skills they need to move onto a balance bike. and eventually a fully fledged pedal bike!

Toddlebike2 in-line wheels

Amy didn’t have any problems getting going on her Toddlebike2, which I think is in part due to the fact she’s getting on towards being three now so she’s fairly stable and has had lots of practice with propelling herself on different ride-ons.  Of course not all children will get on with their Toddlebike straight away and may take a while to master the skills of balancing and turning the handles.

riding Toddlebike2

Toddler riding Toddlebike2

Toddlebike2 outdoors

With large wheels and made from hard-wearing plastic, the Toddlebike2 is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use – giving your toddler as much opportunity as possible to practice.  The small sizing of the bike means it’s easy to store and carry if you’ve taken it out only to find your little one gets fed to of riding – we’ve all been there!

Toddlebike2 wheels

Over all I think the Toddlebike2 is a great little first bike, and priced at less than £25 represents great value – particularly if you buy it for an 18 month old rather than a 33 month old like Amy who will no doubt out grow it reasonably soon.

*We were sent the Toddlebike2 free of charge for the purpose of review however all thoughts and opinions remain our own*

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136 thoughts on “Toddlebike2 – Review

  1. He loves being independent and walking along wherever he can. So it is nice he has the Toddlebike2 to use as an alternative to walking. He has really enjoyed testing it out and he always gives me the most checkiest grin when he is on it. He is ever so proud of himself and it is lovely to see.

  2. We went to the Yorkshire Wildlife Park after months of things getting in the way and not being able to go and absolutely loved it (that would have been my answer beginning of August). So want to go again before it gets too cold to keep walking about.

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