A final Winter 2105 Bucket List Catch Up

Gosh, it’s the end of the month isn’t it!? Not just any end of the month but a month with an extra day in it, yet it still caught me by surprise.  The end of February marks the end of our Winter Bucket List and therefore it’s time for a catch up.  I’ve not actually written about our Winter Bucket List for well over a month but I’m not actually sure there’s much to cross off . . . Let’s see how this goes: 

1. Snow related fun – Yeah so it didn’t really snow did it?  Another year without a proper snow fall.  We had one night where the was a slight dusting over night but the kids were away so we didn’t manage any snow fun this Winter.  Next year, I’m going to pay for it if I have to!  The girls need to experience snow! 

9. Ice Skating – as I mentioned in my last post, we didn’t manage this as Selfridges didn’t host an ice rink at Trafford this year which was such a shame.  I think next year we shall have to be more organised and go somewhere else. 

10. A night time adventure to see the Christmas lights – Again, I mentioned this one in my last post.  The time got away with us and the weather wasn’t kind.  It just didn’t happen.

14. Christmas films – We watched one or two I think, well the kids did – I didn’t even manage to watch The Holiday this year. Must try harder! 

15. It’s now 6 months since I had my style and colour consultation with Anna and I’ve still not hit all three challenges, I shall have to roll this over onto the spring list. 

This is how our Winter Bucket List looks at the end of the season: 

1. Snow related fun – sledging, snow angels, snow men, snow balls … you know the score!  We’ve not had a proper snow fall for a few years now so fingers crossed we at least get a coupe of days this year! FAIL
2. See Father Christmas – This year we’re heading back to Stockeld Park for festive fun and I’m so excited to see what Amy thinks of it all 
3. Write letters to Father Christmas
4. Deck the halls with boughs of holly – or at least decorate the house with full on festive cheer
5. Buy new Christmas decorations
6. Watch Ben and Chloe’s school nativity 
7. Read Christmas stories
8. Enjoy warming up with a hot chocolate after an cold adventure
9. Ice skating – now a Butler / Burgess family tradition FAIL
10. A nighttime adventure to see the Christmas lights and markets in Manchester FAIL
11. Write Christmas cards
12. A festive day out in Liverpool
13. Enjoy a Christmas back in York
14. Christmas films FAIL
15. Meet my three style challenges as set by Anna FAIL

With the majority of our Bucket List being focused on Christmas type activities, we’ve not actually succeeded in ticking anything else off since the middle of January.  Two thirds of the list completed isn’t bad but we’ve certainly done better in the past! 

Roll on Spring!! 


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  1. March 1, 2016 / 9:54 am

    I wish we had had snow too – my daughter has pretty much only seen a sprinkling in her life so I'd love some snow. Not looking likely is it? Popping by from #triedtested as I already commented on the post you shared xx

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