A Silentnight Airmax Bed Makeover

*This is a commissioned post for Silentnight*

I don’t know about you but at this time of year I find myself practically nesting – trying to get jobs done around the house, giving everywhere a good clean and preparing to hunker down through the colder months.  As part of my hibernation preparation this year, Silentnight have sent me some new bedding items to try out including a Silentnight Airmax Duvet for Amy and a Silentnight Airmax mattress topper for Dave & I.

When it comes to choosing bedding for the kids, for me one of the most important things is that it’s machine washable – from night-time accidents to tummy bugs, if your duvet won’t go in the machine, you’re going to be in a pickle.  The hypoallergenic Silentnight Airmax Duvet ticks that box nicely by being machine washable at 40°C, which means you can keep your duvet feeling fresh and clean for longer.  (If you think the satisfaction level of getting into bed with clean sheets is high, I can promise you a freshly washed duvet is even better!)  Of course the Silentnight Airmax duvet isn’t just for children – it comes in a range of sizes and would have been just as perfect for Dave and I, however we had got a new duvet fairly recently and Amy was the one most in need of an upgrade!

Silentnight Airmax duvet - cheeky child in bed

I know that some people like to have two duvets, a lighter weight one for the warm summer months and a heavier, cosier one for when the temperature drops.  This isn’t something we’ve ever really done, tending to stick to one mid-weight duvet and chucking on an extra blanket in the winter if it’s really very chilly.  The 10.5 tog Silentnight Airmax duvet is an ideal weight for all year round use and features unique airmesh walls for maximum breathability – what this actually means in that the airflow in the duvet circulates within pockets to keep you warm and cosy, yet fresh and comfortable – which to my mind sounds like the perfect recipe for a great night’s sleep!

Silentnight Airmax Duvet - airmesh panels and microfibre cover

I hadn’t realised just how rubbish Amy’s old duvet was until I took it off and swapped it for her new Silentnight Airmax duvet – the old one was rough to the touch, lumpy and stiff compared to her new one which is super squishy and snuggly – to the point I’m almost tempted to get in there myself! The soft microfibre cover gives it a silky smooth feel so it moulds beautifully to keep Amy cosy and warm.  I honestly can’t believe what a lovely duvet is is for the price and I will definitely be investing in another one for Chloe before long!

Silentnight airmax duvet

The Airmax range also features a mattress topper which Dave and I are currently testing out on our bed.  It basically has all the same features as the duvet – the unique airmesh walls, “cool air pockets” and super soft cover – I rather felt like I was strapping a duvet onto my mattress!  The Airmax topper has added an extra layer of comfort to our Silentnight Miraform bed and, as I’m suffering quite badly with my allergies at the moment, the fact that it is machine washable is of huge benefit.  As our Miraform mattress is quite deep already, I had worried that popping a topper on there might cause me problems with my sheets but having recently invested in some deeper fit sheets from M&S, it hasn’t been a problem!  In fact that the only problem we have is that now our beds are even comfier and cosier than they were before thanks to their Airmax additions, we don’t want to get up in the morning!

Silentnight Airmax topper

In the words of Ben a few years ago,

I’m going to sleep like a hibernating badger” . . .

* The Silentnight Airmax duvet will be QVC’s TSV (Today’s Special Value) deal on Thursday at www.qvc.co.uk *

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  1. October 25, 2018 / 9:39 pm

    This sounds exactly like what I’ve been after. Something that breathes, something that has some sort of weight to it and breathes and doesn’t have goose down in it. Love the sound of the mattress topper too!

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