A sleepover!

Tonight Ben is having his first proper sleepover at his best mate’s house!

It has worked out really well as I was babysitting anyway so came early to put the boys to bed together. Having spent much of the day together they were surprisingly calm & quite sensible as we got them ready.

After a bath & stories (and some stern words from each Mummy) we left them to it. There was plenty of whispering but no real messing. I went up after about an hour and discovered they had put the lamp on. Told them they had been very good but must go to sleep now. I went up again about half an hour later to be a little more stern & reminded Ben that if he was awake when Mich & Neil got home he’d be coming back with me. 10 minutes later at 8.40pm … Not a peep! So impressed with them. Goodness knows what time they will wake up tomorrow tho!

I’m hoping Chlo will take advantage of her quiet room & sleep in!

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  1. August 10, 2013 / 9:44 am

    *UPDATE – The boys slept till 7.15am when Mich heard Ben telling Finley that the sun was up on the Gro Clock. They enjoyed a cheeky bath and breakfast together before Finley and Neil brought Ben home at about 10am. Chloe slept till 8.15am and clearly enjoyed the peace and quiet of having the room to herself!
    A resounding success*

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