It’s a dressing up kinda day!

It was an early morning dressing up session in our house today! Ben opened his belated birthday present from his godmother, Aunty Custard, just after breakfast. 
He was thrilled to see she had bought him both Buzz and Woody costumes and wanted to try them on straight away.  I thought it was very cute that he wanted Chlo to dress up too – especially as it meant her playing with his new costume before he had tried it on himself! 
Ben kept telling Chloe she was his best friend and shouting “To infinny and beyon”.  Chloe really enjoyed wearing the Woody costume but had to take it off after a while as she kept falling over the trousers! 
Ben has swapped costumes several times during the day and, at 1.30pm, has yet to get properly dressed – the joys of the summer holidays!

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