A week of pants – toilet training update

I wrote last week about Chloe’s decision to wear pants (My baby girl is growing up).

So here’s how her first week went:

Thursday – 3 pairs of wet leggings and a poo on the floor

It wasn’t a bad start all things considered! Bearing in mind I had planned to start her bare bummed at home at the weekend then fact that she went off to playschool fully clothed and managed to stay dry till almost lunch time was quite an achievement!  She had her first accident at playschool resulting in wet wellies and me needing to take clean shoes for her to come home in at lunch time.  She had a pull up on for her sleep but straight back into pants as soon as she woke up.  She managed to stay dry till just after Ben’s swimming lesson but then did a massive wee on the floor in the changing rooms!  It was really frustrating as she’d been refusing to go to the toilet when I suggested but then did this huge wee in the corner! She was very upset by her wet legs.  I had to mop it up with Ben’s towel and make a run for it.  The same thing happened again at home so we stripped her off and left her bare bummed then she did half a poo on the floor before Dave directed her to the potty.

Friday – Clean and dry! 

Despite a full morning at playschool and an afternoon at the shops with Mummy the young lady did herself proud and kept herself clean and dry all day!  She pooed as soon as I put her pull up on her for the drive to York but I can’t really knock that so she was proudly presented with her first bracelet at bedtime on Friday

Saturday – A wobbly start 

Saturday morning started with a few pairs of wet pants which I blamed on her being very tired, once she’d had a good sleep she seemed to sort herself right out.

Sunday – Clean and dry

Another great day – we were out and about to the shops and the park but there were no slip ups so she got another bracelet at bedtime!

Monday – Dry but not clean 

Unfortunately we had two pairs of dirty pants but she was completely dry all day – even her pull up was dry after the drive home despite being asleep the whole time.

Tuesday – Dry but not clean 

Despite managing a whole session at soft play including two trips to the toilet for wees there was a poo situation just as we were leaving leading to my least favourite toilet training moment so far . .  changing the poor love stood in the car park and wrapping the poo up in her pants to take home in my changing bag. Oh yes the glamour.

Wednesday – Wet

We had two pairs of wet pants in the morning – I’m not really sure why as we were at a friend’s house and asked her regularly.  We left her bare bummed in the end and got the chocolate coins out for encouragement.

Thursday – Clean and dry

Hurrah for a clean and dry day at home – Chloe was presented with bracelet number three at bedtime.

Friday  – Clean and dry!

A second consecutive clean and dry day including dry pull ups on the drive to Leeds and back even when she slept! Whoo!

So the next big step is to get 7 straight days of clean and dry pants so that she can get a scooter.  I hope I’ll be writing this time next week that we’ve been shopping for one but we shall see!



  1. April 11, 2014 / 9:22 pm

    If I have a week of clean and dry pants can I get a scooter too?! 🙂
    On a serious note, it sounds like she's doing amazingly! x

    • April 11, 2014 / 9:26 pm

      Of course you can love 😉
      I'm surprised Ben hasn't asked – he thinks it's not fair that she gets chocolate for going to the loo haha x

  2. April 11, 2014 / 9:42 pm

    Wow looks like a good week to me. We have started with Alice this week also, husband is a teacher so we are using his time off work to get this started. We have had ups and downs – mainly poopy on the kitchen floor downs ha ha, but we'll get there. Good luck to you! x

    • April 11, 2014 / 10:47 pm

      I'm sure he's as thrilled as me to be doing it lol. Poo on the floor is my least favourite kind 😉

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